Making Your Mark: Creating Unquestionably Personal and One-of-a-Kind Wedding Rings

May 1st, 2011 by wys

A personalized wedding ring is a special way to say “I do” that will last a lifetime. If you have dreamed about the perfect wedding band you want your vision actualized as accurately as possible. You want that special someone to feel proud to wear his or her wedding ring.

The first thing is that you do not want a ring that burdens that the hand that it graces, visually or literally. The simple silver and gold band have held out this long because for many people they make sense. They are simple ring, good for the wear and tear of everyday life. Gaudy rings draw too much attention. Oversize gemstones speak to wealth but not at all to class. A wedding ring should fit comfortably on the base segment of the ring finger.

The second thing to remember it that size is important. It is important to have the ring professionally sized. Also bear in mind that the smaller your hands, man or woman the more effect temperature will have on the fit of the ring. It is essential to have it professionally fitted while you had is at about room temperature.

Many a ring has been lost in the winter because or fingers get cold and the ring slides off in a glove. If you have a custom ring you want to be able to wear it with out worrying about losing it.

The third thing is the engraving on a %LINK1& that one hopes will go on the next generation. “My sexy Kitten” My seem sweet and whimsical any and all engraving text should be fully planned and reviewed.

A classic romantic engraving is the safest and most acceptable option. Include in the text your fiance(e)’s name, your love and little else. Avoid cramming a lengthy text on the ring as it will wear of of the surface faster.

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