Make Any Dress Dazzle With A Blue Topaz

June 28th, 2010 by wys

December’s recognized birthstone is blue topaz. The blue gem is the conventional anniversary precious stone for a couple’s 4th anniversary. This gem has in addition been the official precious stone of the state of Texas since 1969. Blue topaz is a global fave due to its stunning blue colours and its clear quality. The topaz gems are not always blue in color. As well as blue, topaz is sometimes found in shades of red, orange, pink, beige, brown and green. This flexible stone is most customarily found in blue but the gem might also be clear. Clear topaz is boring. This drab gem is typically treated with radiation to supply a spread of blue shades in the gemstone. The blue topaz is the hottest stone in America. It may be found naturally as a blue stone, but a lot of the blue topaz on the market is dealt with. Even though blue topaz is the most liked color, many individuals straight away picture a yellow-orange gem when they hear the word topaz.

Topaz comes from the Greek word meaning to polish and the Greeks associated the topaz with strength. Many folks also associate the word with fire also. The normal Egyptians employed the topaz to represent their sun god, Ra. The orange, red and pink topaz gemstones are the most rare and most expensive. The topaz gem is most normally found in South America’s country of Brazil and it is present in Nigeria as well as Sri Lanka. The topaz is in serious demand today but it’s been an an incredibly well liked precious stone through civilised history.

The liking for the topaz could be credited to the curative elements the gem is presumed to have. A few individuals believe that the topaz can reduce the prospects of sleeplessness, giving way to the wear’s calm night’s sleep. The gem is thought to have a calming effect, especially the blue topaz since blue is a color connected with calm. Other health benefits that are traced to the precious stone include relief from asthma and protection from unexpected death.

Some have the assumption that the topaz can revive a person’s reason.

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