Loose Diamond Comparison for Engagement Rings

August 12th, 2009 by wys

Anyone in the market for an Engagement ring has unlimited options. You can purchase from a local jewelry store or purchase online from any one of thousands of sellers. If you understand a little about how a diamond is valued your search will be faster and a lot less stressful.

Make a list with space for the following.

  • Diamond Clarity
  • Dimensions
  • Diamond Color
  • Depth & Angles
  • Cut Grade

Local Jewelry stores with a good loose diamond selection would be a good place to strat. Most jewelry stores pay about the same for diamonds in the open market. The better quality cost more than the junk. I would say all jewelry stores want you to think they sell the better quality diamonds but they usually sell what has the best profit margins. A lot of the time this is the lower end goods. You can find dozens of charts and reports about diamond grades so I am not going to cover any of that information. What I am going to cover is how to compare.

Go to a few local stores. Ask to see the size and shape diamond you are interested in. They will start listing colors and clarity grades but at this point all you need to think about is the size and shape that you really like. After you know the shape you can start getting serious.

I would make a small chart with room for information about each diamond. Ask to see only loose diamonds. Mountings hide color, chips and always appear larger. The diamonds also must have an independent lab grading report. You will find the top stones have the most respected grading reports. Those two are from GIA or AGS. I would limit my search to diamonds with those reports.

Start comparing like color and cut grades.You will notice those with better cut grades will have more life and shine than many of the non-graded stones you may have already seen. Cut is the one factor that makes a diamond shine. Many buyers find they can go down in color grades (but still appear near colorless) by buying a better quality cut. Since you are dealing with accurate color and clarity grades you may find that many of the other diamond you looked at before were over graded. Look closely at the certified stones and decide on a minimum color and clarity grade. With this information in hand and still maintaining a minimum cut quality you can shop online by comparing grading reports and prices.

Your final desision is always made after looking at the diamond. Never buy if they charge a restocking fee or require a cash or check payment. A charge card is the safest way to make your purchase. Round diamonds are the easiest to purchase using grading reports alone. Fancy cuts like Pear shape and Princess Cuts have other factors that will not always show up in a report. They can have slightly off angles causing dark X or bowtie areas in the center of the diamond. If you find a dealer with a good selection of loose diamonds that all seem to fit your quality standards they most likely are a very picky buyer and limit inventory to better goods. Call and ask for a personal opinion about a couple of diamonds that fit your budget. Most will give an honest answer as to what they feel will fit your needs. The diamond dealer would much rather ship the right stone out the first time and not have to deal with returns. It just makes their job a lot easier.

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  1. Comment by james

    Some of the best infomation about buying diamonds I have seen.