Learn How to Texture Precious Metal Clay Projects

October 17th, 2010 by wys

One of the neatest things regarding using precious metal clay ( Metal Clay and ACS or Art Clay Silver) is that you can add texture simply to your creations. Before Metal Clay came along, the sole way you could texture metal as a jewelry maker was to etch with chemicals, stamp with metal stamps, or use a dear rolling mill.

Metal Clay on the other hand is very a lot like potter’s clay or plasticine, so that you can produce unique details, intricate patterns, and mold and add texture to the metal while soft. Try doing that with metal sheet!

Be certain to keep in mind before you begin that precious metal clay has a tendency to be sticky and you need to employ a release agent to anything it touches. I love to utilise a very thin coating of olive oil on my hands, work-area, and tools. Do not avoid this! You will be terribly sorry and have a mess to wash up. Be certain not to use too much oil though because this will also mean an enormous mess.

These are some straightforward methods to add texture to precious metal clay while damp.

There are plenty of other methods to make your own texturing tools also. Be certain to take a look at my other articles for more suggestions.

  1. Pointy Stick-like Objects:Skewers or toothpicks may also be used to make dots, and scrape lines into the clay. If you can find typewriter keys these may be employed to press letters and words into your clay. If you cannot find old typewriter keys, cheap metal letter stamps are available.
  2. Push Molds: There are some beautiful polymer clay push molds available, but as most are not flexible, you may have issues getting your metal clay out of them. Be sure to make use of some olive oil or a product like Cool Slip to help the metal clay not stick to the mold. Letting the metal clay to dehydrate and shrink a tad is going to help liberate stubborn clay.
  3. Make Your Own Texturing Gear

As you can see, precious metal clay offers infinite options for making textured jewelry, charms, pendants, beads, and findings and add a whole new dimension to jewelry making. What are you making today?

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