Learn How Bridal Jewellery Can Augment Any UK Wedding Ceremony

October 10th, 2009 by wys

Bridal Jewellery
Tip #1: Be True to Your Style

Your wedding isn’t the time to experiment with an unfamiliar style. Stay true to your personal style when choosing all the items you’ll be wearing, including your bridal jewellery. For example, if your style is modern and contemporary, selecting vintage or Victorian wedding jewellery may not be the best choice. There are plenty of beautiful and elegant designs with modern styling that are likely to be more suitable. Another good tip is to seek the opinion someone whose opinion you trust when you’re close to a final decision.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re adorned with gold jewellery or costume jewellery. Your UK bridal jewellery ought to draw your look together and offer an elegant touch to your gown. Some brides like the idea of jewellery that matches a dress; still others would rather ensure their jewellery offsets their gown. If you’re one of those brides, you perhaps are curious as to what’s available in bracelets, essential items of wedding jewellery.

Bridal Jewellery

Style is a Major Consideration

The importance of the bracelet’s focus means you must bear in mind your rings. Although you may display bridal jewellery like bracelets on either wrist, plenty of brides opt for the right wrist. So, if you’re wearing a special ring on your right hand, it’s a good idea to coordinate your bracelet with the ring. To give an example, if you come to a decision to wear your mother’s or grandmother’s pearl ring, select a pearl bracelet, even if it must be costume jewellery. To the untrained eye, there may actually seem to be little difference between fake pearls and the real thing these days. These bracelets may also be a strong fashion statement for the bride. A big crystal eternity bracelet may prove something a bride can offset with a smaller crystal drop pendant.

Bridal Jewellery

Look for Flashy Items

Some brides heap multiple fashion jewellery or silver jewellery bracelets on their wrists for a trendy look. And if the bracelets are decorated with crystals, pearls or real gemstones (in luxury bridal jewellery), they lend a glitzy characteristic to the bride’s total look. The clinking sounds made by bangle bracelets are inviting to some brides. Another strategy for bracelets is to echo your wedding’s colour scheme. For example, you could wear a bracelet with the same colour crystals or pearls as your bridesmaids’ gowns.

Bracelets Are Forever

Unlike a dress or a headpiece, a bride or a bridesmaid will be able to wear her bracelet after the wedding. Even if a bracelet happens to be lavish, it can still be worn in lots of instances. And fashionable bridesmaids may even choose to wear their luminous crystal UK bridal jewellery bracelets with jeans for a bold, trendy look. Despite whether it’s gem jewellery or designer jewellery you select for your bridesmaids, they’ll keep it for a long time and will think of you any time they wear it.

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    Finding the right style and size is key to finishing off your bridal jewelry look for your most special day. There are a lot of bracelet styles, from chunky, illusion to cuff and multi strands. Look for bracelets that match your wedding gown embellishments and colors.