Large Jewelry Boxes For Women: The Perfect Gift For All Occasions

May 11th, 2011 by wys

If you have a hobby of collecting jewelry and are constantly picking up trinkets wherever you go, tall jewelry boxes for women may be the only way to organize your jewelry. And a beautifully handmade wooden box stands out with its distinct aesthetic appeal when compared with boxes made of other materials.

One of the favored embellishments on wooden boxes is marquetry work - an art work that creates evocative pictures and patterns by interweaving thin slices of different types of veneer. It could be of wild life, nature, or anything you want. Ivory and shell are sometimes used together with veneer to create unique images.

All kinds of veneer, burl wood, spalted, curly wood, are used in marquetry. Veneer is commonly cut from maple, birch, cherry, oak, rosewood, and bubinga. The most favored for jewelry boxes are fiddleback and bird’s eye. Veneers are usually extremely thin slices < ⅛” in thickness and the art of gluing several matching slices of veneer to the core panels is called marquetry.

As very little or no wood is wasted in the manufacturing process, plywood is the cheapest of all veneers. Marquetry could be described as a form of wood inlay, as each piece is carefully inlaid into the other pieces to form a beautiful image. Typically, ‘inlay’ means to chisel out some parts of the wood and fill the gaps with other materials like marble, silver, brass, or bronze or any other material to form a design.

It is believed that marquetry as an art form has been around for several thousands of years and can be traced back to ancient Egypt around 350 BC. Egyptian hieroglyphics depict caskets with wooden inlays which confirms the use of marquetry . In the fourteenth century, there is evidence of marquetry being done in cathedrals in Northern Italy. Soon there were several schools teaching marquetry in France, Holland, and Germany and from there slowly extended to the Americas.

A talented ‘marquetarian’ can produce a beautiful design on a jewelry box with several pieces of veneer all intricately matched to perfection. When you shop for your large jewelry box, keep in mind that you also need to make place for it in your room and also to ensure that it goes well with your existing room decor.

You have to consider the number of drawers and sections that your big jewelry box should have, and more importantly, whether the box adds charm to your room with its exquisite design and whether it blends in with your existing decor. A beautifully handcarved marquetry jewelry box is the best solution for this.

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