Jewelry Pliers : Styles

July 5th, 2011 by wys

Are you seeking for a pliers? Searching for jewelry pliers? Are you a jewelry maker and searching for a fine jewelry pliers? This piece will help you what kind of jewelry pliers that will suit for you.

What are jewelry pliers? Jewelry pliers are the jewelers vision for making costume jewelry fast and simple for several hours without experiencing any weakness. Jewelry pliers are made to handle fine jobs than using pliers that you can purchase in a hardware storehouse and also they differ in shape and sizes.

As everyone says, you have to have the precise tool for the right job. It makes the job simpler and less time consuming. With the precise tool the end result will look classy and trendy.

The jewelry pliers have numerous styles and uses.

Bent Nose - The end part of the bent nose pliers is curved upwards. This is one of the exceptional jewelry pliers. The bent nose pliers makes it easy to manipulate fine wires into loops and coils that a straight pliers can’t do. This distinctive shape also makes it easy to grasp the hard areas.

Chain Nose - The edges of the jaw of the chain nose pliers is beveled. This kind of jewelry plier will preclude the wire being flawed. The chain nose plier is used to close bead tips and they are able to fold in tight spaces.

Crimping - There are two styles of crimping pliers: silver and gold filled tubes. It is used first to curl and then flatten crimp beads.

Flat nose - This style of jewelry pliers are used to make precise angles and sharp bends in wire. They can also be used to grip smooth stuff as well as unbend out the wire.

These are some of the styles of jewelry pliers that are available in the market today. So purchase one now!

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