Jewelry Made From Meteors: Out of This World

August 15th, 2011 by wys

Anyone who is in the marketplace for a truly unique and historic piece of jewelry really should check into purchasing pieces made out of the Gibeon meteorite, which fell and crashed to the Earth in prehistoric times. It actually began as a planet, then became an asteroid that floated around in space for billions of years just before exploding onto African soil. The natives who lived near a little town called Gibeon, where shattered fragments landed, actually utilized bits and pieces of the meteorite to construct tools.

The Gibeon meteorite is primarily made up of a mixture of iron and nickel, generating jewelry extremely stable and strong. To make jewelry pieces, the meteorite is cut, forged and fabricated into the desired shape. Since iron and nickel are both silvery-white metals, the jewelry pieces are also silvery-white. Nonetheless, jewelry made from meteorites can be combined with other precious metals to add more contrast. For example, yellow or rose gold might be utilized for the lining and rails of Meteor rings to give them a two-tone effect. Individual pieces of jewelry might be given a brushed, matte or polished finish, and set with precious gemstones, for even more diversity. To further enhance the value of pieces like meteorite rings, add an 18k gold or platinum lining.

Among the reasons that meteorite jewelry is so distinctive and lovely is because of the crystalline Widmanstatten patterns, which are cross-hatches of lines. To bring forth and further improve the patterns, jewelers use a strategy of etching the metal having a remedy of diluted nitric acid. Given that these lines had been formed over millions of years as the asteroid was traversing all through space and cooling, every single pattern is one-of-a-kind. An additional factor that has an influence on the appearance may be the strategy by which the meteorite is handled, at the same time as the selection method. For that reason, some pieces will have far more distinct Widmanstatten patterns than other people. Pendant necklaces, with their flat, thin surfaces, genuinely showcase the extraordinary Widmanstatten patterns.

However, there’s now a prohibition, enacted by the African government, on the exportation of meteorite fragments, therefore generating them harder to obtain. Nonetheless, the great news is that the material will inevitably escalate in value. No matter whether it really is a ring, necklace, earrings or bracelet, jewelry made from the Gibeon meteorite isn’t only stunning and distinct, but it is also one thing that will be passed down via the generations.

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