Jewelry Boxes Made of Sturdy and Beautiful Materials

August 25th, 2011 by wys

Jewelry boxes are great accessories to have. Irrespective of age, it is something that is useful to men, women and even children. We all have a few treasured items that we would like to store away carefully and a good jewelry case helps.

Most young girls have their personal collection of junk or inexpensive jewelry that they are very possessive about. It often seems to be in anticipation of the jewelry they will own when they grow up. Such young girls would be pleased with cheap jewelry boxes made of cardboard or cloth and with some compartments. Pink or green boxes are good choices as they are popular colors.

These will protect all the jewelry and knick knacks your little one treasures. They also help make the perfect transition to jewelry boxes meant for young ladies. A jewelry case for a woman is generally made of wood. You can choose from cherry, birch, teak, rosewood, maple among others.

All of them have a unique color palette and texture with different levels of sturdiness.
You can decorate a wooden box in several different ways. Wooden boxes can carved or etched on and can even have a bit of marquetry done. In Marquetry, small bits of multi-textured veneer are used to fill in designs on the box.

Fabric boxes are a common choice when you are on a budget. Here layers of velvet or satin are brought together with some beading. They are great to look, soft to touch and store jewelry well. There are also several stone based boxes for you to choose from.

Those from the Asian part of the world are often made of marble, onyx and ivory as well. Despite being expensive, there are several ways in which they can be enhanced. Such boxes can be carved or painted on.

Gemstones are used as embellishments giving them a richer look and making them more expensive. Designs are often etched by hand and several countries have evolved unique styles of their own.

There are a few really special materials used to make jewelry boxes as well. One of them is stained glass. Though really fragile, they are beautiful to look at.

Mother of Pearl boxes make for some lovely gifts. There are several materials used in making oriental boxes. One kind is made from weaving together strands of bamboo with extensive detailing.

There are also shard boxes that are put together from bits of salvaged porcelain acquired from Chinese artifacts. You will have a one of kind box with these. Tibetan special versions are made with carved ox bone using Chinese techniques. There is an unmatched intricacy in the detailing.

Valets are jewelry boxes for men. The boxes are masculine in nature and the needs of men are kept in mind in their design. Leather and metal are popular materials used in the making of valets.

Jewelry boxes can be made from a vast number of materials. Your selection will depend on your likes and aesthetic sensibilities.

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