Jewelry Boxes For Women: Why Most Prefer an Antique Jewelry Box

August 22nd, 2011 by wys

Jewelry is very precious to women so it is an absolute necessity that they are stored in the right case. However, not any plain container will do. Jewelry boxes for women should not only be for your jewelry’s safety but they should also show your personality.

Since ancient times, jewelry boxes have already been around. They can be dated to as far back as 3000 BC during the the times of ancient Egypt and Rome. Back then, they were commonly called jewelry caskets.

Before the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, these boxes were made by hand out of materials like stone, wood, fabric and metals such as gold, silver and bronze. This made them uniquely individual prompting them to become collector’s items.

Ancient Egyptians were famed for their intricate boxes inlaid with ivory sheets while Asian jewelry boxes were often wrapped in luxurious silk. During the Victorian era, enamel on copper boxes became popular.

The enamel boxes showcased spectacular hand painted patterns like portraits, flowers and landscapes. The colors of these boxes were so vibrant that the clarity and vividness were maintained even with the passage of time.

Shorty thereafter, Art Metal Wares with an Art Nouveau style caught on fast in Europe and America which lasted until World War I before interest in fashion began to dissipate. They were constructed from cast metals which were plated with gold, silver, copper, or ivory. Women with hair flowing and floral patterns were the most common designs featured.

Antique jewelry boxes hold a strong appeal because they often convey an interesting story. Having an antique gives one the feeling of holding something with a significant history. They give off a nostalgic mood.

While they may be lacking in some of the advanced features of modern jewelry boxes, their quaint designs that are unique and elegant more than make up for it. But real antique jewelry boxes can be quite expensive. With the many replicas produced in the market, it can sometimes be tricky to spot a real one from an imitation.

To know if your jewelry box is an actual antique, it would be a smart idea to have a professional appraise it. He or she will be able to tell you how much your jewelry box is really worth.

Genuine antique pieces are not that difficult to find. You can buy them from antique shops, auctions, flea markets and even online. If a genuine antique is something you cannot afford, you can opt for a reproduction instead that can look just as real.

It is a great substitute if you just want to get that old-world touch but don’t want to spend too much. Whether you have an original antique or a mere copy, this jewelry box will still be treasured and can be enjoyed for many, many years.

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