Jewelry Boxes For Men: A Summary

May 5th, 2011 by wys

Men’s accessories have multiplied over the years and having a storage solution that will keep their desk and dresser uncluttered is more of a necessity than a luxury. mens jewelry boxes come in different sizes and shapes . There are many boxes made exclusively for rings, tie pins, mobile phones, watches, cufflinks, and even pens.

Customised handmade jewelry boxes are very much in demand and are good gifts for men. These boxes are more commonly known as ‘valet boxes’ or ‘watch boxes’ to give it a less feminine connotation as jewelry is generally associated with women.

Here are some ideas on how to customise wooden jewelry boxes for men.

A perfectly handmade ring box with two tiny drawers with slots to hold two rings in each drawer, made of two types of wood. The main box is carved out of ebony and mahogany for the edges of the box. A brass clasp and hinges also made of brass are used . As men have lesser rings and don’t feel the need to constantly change the rings, this would make a compact and ideal gift that is also very elegant and classy.

If he possesses more than four rings, he will need a bigger box to store his entire collection of rings. A rectangular box with a single lift-out tray with ring slots on the tray and beneath the tray, with a capacity to hold about 35 slots for rings should be ideal.

The favorite ‘jewelry’ that men like to collect are watches. Watches from all over the world and with different features and costing the earth, are collected by many men. And, what they may not admit to is wanting a safe box in which they can not only store but also display their priceless collection.

You could try to get him a box with several compartments with just one drawer and a lift out tray with space underneath, both lined with satin or a similar smooth and soft fabric and with small sections for the watches. A transparent glass lid will transform the box into a showcase.

A box with watch holders will be best if he has a big collection of watches. The watch holders are made out of small pieces of wood wrapped in soft smooth satin, which can be lifted out, and the watches slipped on, and kept back in the slots that are cut into either side of the box. The box will be quite sleek but each row will be able to store and display at least five watches.

Mobile Phone boxes, Pen Boxes, Tie Pin Boxes, and Cufflink Boxes are made specially to hold just these items. If he has more than a couple of each of these items, these boxes will come in very handy.

If, however, he uses just one or two of each accessory, you can get him an all in one jewelry box that has provision for storing all the items. Even coins, mobiles, pens, wallet, and keys can be stored in these boxes making it a very useful gift. This box reduces clutter and saves a lot of time for him which would have been normally spent in looking for his stuff in the mornings.

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