Jewelry Box Small Enough for Those Unique Trinkets

June 28th, 2011 by wys

A jewelry box small as it can be, is a prized possession for any young lady and comes in several shapes and sizes to suit every personality. Such small jewelry boxes are generally used by jewelers to pack their wares, however, with time, they have come to be unique gifts in themselves. Similar to their bigger counterparts, small jewelry boxes are made from myriad kinds of materials for you to choose from.

Young or old, a small jewelry box is appreciated by most women who use it to store a few precious items. Musical versions of these boxes are largely preferred. Though handmade boxes of the small kind are unique and expensive, they are also looked upon as a status symbol.

Such small jewelry boxes are used primarily to store delicate jewelry items inside a larger box. They prevent your precious trinkets from mixing up with costume jewelry pieces. This is also a smart way of protecting delicate items from being scratched or grazed.

Jewelry boxes that are small are also called trinket boxes. They come decorated on the outside in several ways thus making them all the more dainty and beautiful enough to hold precious items in them. These boxes can be made of wood, porcelain, papier mache as well as stone.

They can be decorated with marquetry, etching, carving and more. If gifting a small jewelry box is what you have planned for a loved one, there are a few things you need to remember, most important of which is that the box needs to be lined with a soft material like velvet or satin. Boxes made of exotic wood are naturally more expensive than those that are commonly available.

Make sure that the box you choose is specifically meant to hold a particular piece of jewelry like rings, bangles or bracelets. Small trinket boxes meant to hold rings are usually round in shape and can hold two to three rings or have ring slots to do the job. Those who collect bangles can choose a rectangular box that comes with a bangle holder in the center.

If the collection you have is a mixed lot, a jewelry box with small drawers or compartments will be the right thing to pick up. If you are looking for an expensive gift, then you can consider customizing a small jewelry box. There are numerous themes to choose from that can be carved, etched or created in different ways.

Some are even hand painted, adding to their allure and depending on tastes you can go in for anything ranging from pirate treasure chests to stone covered hearts and more. Small jewelry boxes add aesthetic appeal to wherever they are placed and if this is going to be within a jewelry box, try and match the materials and color schemes for better effect. If it is going to grace your dressing table, then it should not look out of place amongst all the other things there.

The best jewelry box of the small variety is the one that looks beautiful and does a great job of storing your trinkets.

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