Jewelry Box for Women Adorned with Marquetry

June 3rd, 2011 by wys

Women, in general, cherish their jewelry; no matter if it is expensive or cheap or has sentimental value. Each piece of jewelry is given the same amount of attention and care. So it is not surprising that a jewelry box for women is a totally welcome gift.

Considering the importance that women attach to their jewelry, a handcrafted wooden jewelry box would make an ideal gift for any occasion. It helps in organizing their precious trinkets and safeguards them from getting tarnished or misplaced.

And with a jewelry box embellished with some delightful marquetry designs, it would perfectly match the dresser and enhance the overall look of the room. Marquetry is a form of ancient art that involves wood inlay using burls and veneers of rare and exotic woods to form intricate patterns and images.

The easiest and simplest form of marquetry is done using just 2 sheets of veneer. Or it can be much more intricate and time consuming when more sheets are used. It is common to use the veneers and burls of very exotic and rare kinds of wood from all over the world.

The colors and natural grain patterns of the different kinds of wood lend beauty to the different designs. Marquetry involves cutting through a stack of thin veneers of different colors and grain patterns with a sharp and fine saw or knife. This would produce several pieces bearing the same design but with different patterns and colors, that can be attractively rearranged to look unique on different items.

If you use veneers of Holly and Hard Sugar Maple, for example, you would end up with a leaf that is almost white and the other reddish brown in color. These designs can then be placed on any surface to make beautiful patterns. The veins on the leaves are produced by cutting very thin lines into the veneer and filling it up with a mix of sawdust and epoxy.

Interestingly with time, Holly veneer if finished well, takes on a fascinating golden hue. This makes it look like some form of real gold inlay and only a closer inspection of the piece would show that it is also a piece of wood! The natural color of wood being limited to browns, reds, and whites (like Holly), it is the norm to use dyed veneers for more colorful patterns and images. Veneers are dyed by infusing the dye under high pressure to force the dye to run right into the veneers. Then it is sanded completely and you have an exotically colored piece of wood .

Marquetry dates back to some three thousand years ago when the whole process was painfully slow and painstaking. Elaborate marquetry designs of wood and several other materials have been revealed at excavations at archaeological sites. Although this form of art work was predominant in the East, particularly in India, China, Japan, and Persia (Iran), it is said that Egypt was the pioneer in marquetry.

Although the several advances in technology and modern power tools have drastically reduced the time taken by this process, a lot still depends on the skills of the individual artist to produce a beautiful and breathtaking finished product.

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