Initial Jewelry Makes a Creative Gift

October 17th, 2009 by wys

Choosing the right gift for that special someone can be a baffling experience. When you settle on jewelry as your ideal gift, you’ve made a good start. Jewelry gifts are a kind of “never fail” gift, the kind of gift that makes the recipient feel special. For that extra level of personalization, to give a gift that evokes individuality, you might consider initial jewelry, such as initial pendants.

Initial pendants are available in a variety of styles, in bold block fonts and delicate script fonts. Depending on the recipient, you might choose a large and commanding initial look, or something smaller and dainty. The popular urban style has popularized that large audacious look; you can get gem encrusted initial pendants to hang from chunky gold chains. For a more classic look, what more could a woman want than a small italic gold initial?

There is a variety of other initial jewelry available as well. Finger rings, toe rings, bracelets; the different possibilities for initial jewelry are practically endless. It’s even possible to find nose studs in the form of an initial! The possibilities are truly endless. You can even think a little differently about initial jewelry, such as using them to commemorate a relationship.

It’s to be expected that most choose the initials of the gift recipient when selecting a piece of initial jewelry. However, there is a possibility of using two initials, each signifying half of a relationship partnership. John and Anita might choose a “JA” or “AJ” combination, and use it as a promise ring. The possibilities are really just limited by your imagination.

For a unique touch, adding a gemstone accent to an initial pendant or other initial jewelry. Birthstones are a popular and natural choice, especially if the recipient is a big fan of birth jewelry. Even still, never underestimate the classic beauty of a stunning diamond. Don’t underestimate the effect, though, of a stunning colored gemstone such as aquamarine or amethyst. Perhaps you could consider a gemstone that is the wearer’s signature color.

Jewelry gifts are always a wonderful and meaningful choice when looking for the perfect gift. Initial jewelry, including initial pendants, are stunning choices that can really communicate whatever emotion it is that you wish to convey; love, friendship, and commitment. Take the mystery out of gift giving, and choose a jewelry gift!

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