Ideas On How To Pick The Correct Pearl For The Greatest Gift

January 17th, 2010 by wys

Many people love the thought of wearing delectable pieces of gold or silver. But pearl jewelry also has been around for many years and has never really gone out of fashion. With the advent of cultured pearls jewelry was being made in a much more affordable form meaning that many more people could now afford to wear them.

These gems that nature itself provides within oysters have been sought after even in the time of Jesus. Mentioned in the bible, they were the gems of choice for royalty and ancient peoples down through the ages.

Once man realized how the gem was made within the oyster, he set about trying to mimic nature, and after some time he hit on the solution. Trying to emulate nature was going to be profitable because only one in approximately ten thousand oysters will contain one of these super gems. Even then, it may be of the right quality or size to be commercially viable as no one could guarantee the outcome.

However, by placing an irritant within the oyster or mollusk, cultured varieties will grow after some time. In this way the price of cultured gems came down so far that most people could afford to buy several pieces.

But it is not only the lustrous whitish varieties that people like. These gems come in all colors ranging from blue, green and a very pale lavender and even black. Depending on the area that they were cultured, and what mollusk was used, they can pretty much be made to order to provide just what is fashionable at the time.

That does not mean that trying to grow these cultured gems is a quick affair. From the time the irritant is placed in the oyster, to the time that it is ready for use by the artisans can take more than several years. Of course, trying to guess which color is going to popular in five years time is a bit of a bind, but they do not go out of fashion anyway.

In Hawaii and the South Pacific Islands, it is very common for men to sport these types of gems as well as women. Although this may be frowned upon in the western world, there men love to wear the gem that shows where they come from. Even children are not left out and they too will be bought pieces to wear.

When people are considering purchasing a gift of this style of gems they should be very careful that they are not duped. It is easy for them to mistake the quality of the gem and pay top price for something that is of very little value. Even coated beads have been sold as gems and nothing could be worse than to find out that one has been cheated.

Even glass beads have been painted to represent this style of gem. One thing to look for when buying the product is any marks on the surface. If there is a flaw, leave it there and search out someone who has a good reputation for that perfect piece.

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