How to Set the Jewellery to a Theme

September 25th, 2009 by wys

Bridal Wedding Jewellery

Determining the perfect jewellery to go with your theme can be a head-scratcher. In particular, if you’ve never been wedded before, being forced to decide all the things that go into the ceremony could easily rattle you. But don’t fret…we’ll can get you where you’re going. Let’s look at a couple of the most popular wedding themes and what bridal wedding jewellery will work towards making your UK ceremony an occasion that will give you a lifetime of memories.

Theme #1: Ceremony on the Beach

Bridal Wedding Jewellery
No wedding outfit is complete without some nice crystal bridal jewellery, such as a necklace or some pearl bridal earrings. One of the most exciting times in a to-be-bride’s life is going to the jewellery stores in search of elegant bridal jewellery. You want to look just right, so you want to take your time and just enjoy yourself. Pearls come in many shapes-round, oval, and semi-round to name a few. You’ll find them shaped like a tear drop on things such as pendants, while necklaces make use of uniquely-shaped pearls. In terms of quality, the more flawless the surface, the more expensive the item. Other price and quality factors include its colour and how big it is. Many brides choose to wear both earrings and necklaces.

One truly unforgettable place for your wedding is on the beach. The beach provides such a peaceful and soothing. Aside from the coconut cups and pineapple placeholders, these additional bridal jewellery ideas are ideal for this wedding idea a coconut wood bead & shell one
Earrings: in the shape of a starfish, made of pearl, or pastel colours (i.e. turquoise, lavender, white)
Hairpieces: star or shell tiara, gemstone flower grip
Other: freshwater pearl bracelet, vine coloured crystal bracelet

Theme 2: Seasonal Wedding

Bridal Wedding Jewellery

Weddings based on the time of the year always stay fresh just because you have so many ways to go with them. Regardless of the season, you can find nice attractions and colours to draw from. Let’s say you choose autumn. You would then want to stay with ivory and gold for your bridal wedding jewelleries. To add items to the list not made from these materials, items which are a strong chocolate brown, off-white, or rich cream are all nice selections. Winter will obviously revolve around the colour white. To mix things up a bit, add some red and green for a festive Christmas-like theme. If it’s the spring season, you might go with a necklace with flowers on them or some other item that symbolizes spring elements. Themes that revolve around the summer season aren’t as popular. The best colours should you decide on it anyway include yellow, orange, and red. Choose jewellery that invokes mental images of either the sun or a warm beach—but then you’re right back to a beach wedding theme.

Don’t be dismayed if your theme is completely different than these mentioned. The exact same pattern can be used for any wedding idea. Assume multiple points of view concerning the jewellery—its shape, size, colour, texture, and the emotions that are invoked. The choices for bridal wedding jewellery are absolutely infinite for your UK ceremony. So make the most of it!

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