How to Pick Stacking Rings To Blend with Your Taste

August 10th, 2011 by wys

Stackable Rings have been around for centuries as a fashion accessory. Today, there are a number of rings offered that you can choose from to fit your own personal style. Most of these sets come with three rings, but you can stack as many on your finger as you would like.

The main consideration when choosing a ring is the material it is made from. Stacking rings can be made of bronze or silver. Some are made in plastic or stone. Gold is popular, and they can be made of white, yellow or rose gold, and sets exist that incorporate all three of these gold colors into one stacking set. Some of these even come in platinum.

Style varies between sets you can by. Some are plain, narrow bands and can be worn with more then three. Some of the rings can be designed, and appear to be hammered out. Other designs can include the rings looking twisted, have inscriptions on them or even be filigreed.

Rings can even come with gemstones. These can be made from any stone on the marker, or be entirely fake. They can be part of a setting, or the ring can be inlaid with stones to create a pattern. Wedding bands and engagement rings are the most widespread of the stacking rings, and the anniversary, or eternity band, are made to be added to the wedding set.

The most distinctive stacking rings are the puzzle ring. They come in a set of three, and have one way to put them together to wear them as one ring. The designs on these are limitless, and can have an open or closed design when joined. The bands on these are almost always thin, so the top part can be the focal point.

stacking rings can be wide ranging in price, depending on the materials you choose, and can be as simple or as elaborate as you like, but are sure to be an attention grabbing piece of jewelry.

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