How To Give The Gift Of Love With Jewellery

December 14th, 2009 by wys

Everyone likes to be presented with stunning jewellery at any time during the year, but the occasion is made so much more special when the gift is given with love and stunning wrapping paper. Since presentation is so important, it is well worth making sure that the item you buy comes gift boxed, and something as precious as cubic zirconia pendants should always be presented in a fine jewellery box. You can add your finishing touches later, but any reputable jewellery retailer will always ensure that their jewellery pieces are gift boxed for superior presentation.

Where Will You Hide It?

Of course, there are some jewellers that will do all the gift wrapping for you and that saves you time. That’s the hard part out the way – now you can turn your attention to other important gift aspects. Once you have the perfect gift all sorted you then have to start thinking about ways to present the gift on the special day. If it a Christmas present then hiding it under the tree is a great way to surprise your loved one. Birthday presents can be hidden in the loft or under the bed, where your partner is least likely to find it. Women are good at sussing things out so bear this in mind when you’re thinking about your hiding place for the cubic zirconia pendant.

The Importance Of Presentation

Always think about first impressions – a woman’s eyes will light up if she sees a stylish jewellery box. You wouldn’t put a brand new cubic zirconia pendant in an old box, simply because this would give the impression of a cheap and worthless gift that you were giving. After all, you want the lady to be excited about opening the gift and for it to live up to her expectations.

Choose wrapping paper that is feminine and stylish as this will complement the gift well. Any man that can’t wrap a gift should know that they are not alone, but that doesn’t mean gifts shouldn’t be wrapped well – just ask a family friend to help out if necessary.

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