How To Get Delightful Pieces Of Jewelry In Unusual Materials

August 20th, 2010 by wys

For anyone who wants to give a really unusual gift for some extra special occasion, giving handcrafted jewelry is wonderfully different in a lot of aspects. handmade jewelry can take many forms, of course, and usually they can be made to order if something slightly different is needed for any occasion. This will definitely be one of those special gifts that people will never forget for sure.

Of course, whenever anyone hears of pieces being made to order, they often have visions of some hippie soul sitting cross legged on the floor, making something a bit amateur looking. However, these days are long gone and artisans of today will certainly be able to make something wonderful.

They tend to use some unusual and good looking materials too apart from precious and semi precious stones they use gold and silver wire to wrap their pieces very artistically. They even use linen and leather scraps within these small works of art to make them look wonderfully unique.

Again, these pieces were often worn by anyone not in the mainstream style of living. But these days, they are so well made, and with those wonderful materials, that they have become a favorite for anyone who likes to look a little different from others.

What a lot of people do is to find the perfect statement piece to wear on a special occasion. Then they build up that perfect outfit around this piece, making sure that it tones and matches all the materials that are included in it. If it is a special occasion which the wearer is going to, like a wedding or evening function, the piece will cause quite a stir for sure.

The wonderful thing about having someone making something unique is that the buyer can also dictate how the finished product will look. This would certainly not be possible with the mass produced items that seem to have flooded the market over time. But how wonderful it is to know that a piece was ‘made to measure’ with just that person in mind.

The other good thing about these kinds of pieces is that rare and unusual stones can also be incorporated into each and every design. Even if the buyer has a stone that was handed down through the family, or came from another piece that has broken, the artisan is very approachable and will certainly try to design something around it. Although this may incur a small extra charge, what a wonderful way to keep the stone within the family where it can still be worn and handed down for posterity.

Finally, there are not enough superlatives to describe all the different designs which are available from these gifted artisans. Once tried, the wearers normally become avid fans and will only go for those pieces which look like nothing else. This not only helps them to look different and stylish, it is also good for the artisan who can let their imaginations run riot when they want to create a masterpiece!

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