Heritage Style Jewelry Box for Your Trinkets

September 8th, 2011 by wys

The contents of her jewelry box are precious to any woman. Vintage jewelry stored in an antique box can only mean double the joy for her. There is something special about the jewelry and trinket boxes of long ago.

Antique jewelry also goes by the name vintage or estate ornaments. The jewelry is fantastic because it was made a few generations ago and has a style typical of those times. What makes these pieces all the more precious is their quality and finish that has stood the test of time.

The classifications of antique jewelry into various genres and designs is based on the period they were made in. Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Nouveau were some of the popular styles then. Retro and Art Deco were some of the other styles.

When you have a few pieces of antique jewelry in your collection, you will want to store them the best way possible. Jewelry boxes designed specifically for this would be a good idea. There is something unbeatable about matching antique jewelry with a box that is made in the same time period.

Being experts in the art forms of their era, master craftsmen created antique jewelry boxes. The pieces were each hand created over long hours adding to their uniqueness and value today. Jewel cases, or caskets and even trinket boxes are some of the other names these boxes go by. Some of the commonly used materials were cast metal and these were finished with a coat of gold or silver and in some cases copper and ivory.

Mass production of these boxes began with the Industrial Revolution, when a lot of experimenting also happened with styles. Ormolu’ was where boxes were electroplated with gold or silver. Some other finishes to consider are French Bronze or the Roman Gold, the French Grey, or even the Parisian silver.

Electroplating of boxes was soon replaced with ivory finishes. To get that old world ivory feel, boxes were painted with white enamel and treated with oxides. They had a reputation of being much more durable than gold or silver plated versions.

Art Nouveau which came about in the 1900s was the most popular of antique art styles. Flowing elements, nature based motifs, and asymmetrical lines characterized this romantic art form. A fact left out is that floral motifs were an inspiration from the Victorian era.

Some antique jewelry boxes comes with a trademark from their manufacturer on them while others do not. The main reason for this is because bigger marketers were unwilling to share the credit with the makers of the box. This in no way brought the value of the box down. This craft of carving and decorating of jewelry boxes lasted between 1904 and 1918, all of 15 years.

Post World War I, the emphasis returned to utilitarian boxes rather than ornamental ones. You can still easily find antique jewelry cases today. Real antique boxes are quite expensive while the imitation ones are not so bad and definitely easier on the wallet. Bringing together antique jewelry and an equally beautiful case is unbeatable.

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