Helpful Tipsfor Buying Diamond Stud Earrings

November 8th, 2009 by wys

To mark a special occasion and to really show the woman in your life that you are serious about her, consider giving her a beautiful pair of diamond studs earrings. Diamond Stud Earrings are a mainstay of every elegant woman’s wardrobe and they go with everything, so if she would appreciate receiving fine jewelry and the time is right, why not surprise and delight her with a set? Jewelry shopping can be overwhelming and confusing for guys, so here are a few basic tips on choosing the right pair of diamond studs.

The main thing to understand is that although any good quality piece of jewelry is going to set you back somewhat, diamond studs are available in so many grades of diamond, cuts, shapes, sizes, and metal settings that you can definitely find a balance that combines all these varying elements in an acceptable way and that is still within your means. Let’s begin with the types of setting for diamond studs. The choices are yellow gold, white gold, and platinum. Think of what color most of her jewelry is or what colors she wears a lot in her clothes, and pick a setting to match that. If you know she is allergic to yellow gold or she has ever mentioned that some earrings hurt her ears, platinum is your best bet but if you can’t afford that, diamond studs set in white gold may be okay because white gold is plated with rhodium and doesn’t use as much nickel as yellow gold alloys. Next we will discuss the diamonds themselves. The half carat diamond studs are the standard size for a gift from the average person. What half carat means in this case is that each of the diamond studs is one quarter of a carat, which would not be the case with a ring or pendant with multiple diamonds but since earrings are always sold in pairs, the carat size for diamond studs is the total of both. From there, you can choose the shape of the diamonds. The safest choice is Round Diamond Stud Earrings, because that’s the traditional and most common style, but if she’s artistic or likes things that are different, go for Princess Cut Diamond Stud Earrings, or something in a square or star shape. Cut of the stone in diamond studs and all diamond jewelry is the most important factor because a well cut diamond can look much more perfect and expensive than it really is, so this is where you want most of your diamond studs fund to go– a well cut small or lower grade diamond will still look nicer than a bigger or clearer one that was not cut properly.

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