Having And Maintaining Tongue Rings Requires Special Care

December 21st, 2009 by wys

Taking care of a tongue ring

A Tongue piercing usually refers to piercing the tongue from the underside, upright through to passage for ongoing out from the surface of the tongue. Tongue piercing and tongue rings are one type of body piercing that is one of the most popular in the Western world. It is done mostly directly through its center. Before piercing the positioning is marked and a clamp is applied. tongue rings used for tongue piercing is usually longer than the most commonly used tongue rings in order to leave room for the tongue to swell. Due to the tongue’s incredible healing abilities, it does not take long for the piercing to heal, but at the same time, it does not take more than a few hours for a tongue piercing to close if a person is not wearing a tongue ring.

To hold a tongue ring piercing free from infection the first point one should not do is rinse his or her mouth out with any kind of listerine. This can cause soreness and discoloration to the piercing. After getting pierced the tongue will swell up to about twice its actual size and a discharge may come out from the wound, which is normal. Swelling will begin decreasing in three to four days and go away completely in seven to eight. The tongue should be fully healed within 6-8 weeks. During that time it is important to leave the tongue ring alone and not touch or play with the tongue or tongue ring. It is suited not to eat hot or spicy foods as it would discomfort and would obstruct the healing procedure. Eating small amount of either grained bananas, mashed potatoes, cereal, cold soup, applesauce or rice is suited. Rinse mouth out before and after every meal or drink. Drinking coffee or alcohol should be avoided. Smoking should also be not allowed. If one must smoke be understand to rinse mouth before and after having a cigarette. Smoking too much will slow down the healing procedure and cause discomfort. Do not use chewing tobacco or non-filter cigarettes.

After swelling goes down, cut back on your mouth rinsing. When the tongue is fully healed it is only important to rinse mouth out in the morning and evening. The piercer will often pierce the tongue with a longer piece of body jewelry than most tongue rings. If the bar of the tongue ring feels too long or too large, the tongue ring can be replaced as soon as the tongue has healed and the swelling has gone down. Don’t change the initial tongue ring until the tongue is no longer swollen and is completely healed. When it is time to wear a new tongue ring, you may insert a new one yourself or a piercer can change the tongue ring for you.

When using body jewelry and tongue rings, it is important to sterilize each piece of jewelry to prevent germs and infection. In many cases, after the tongue is fully healed a crown or hard sign will appear around the hole in the tongue near the tongue ring. This will basically go away within a month or two of the tongue being fully healed. Following these proper steps will result in a fast and aesthetic recovery.

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