Handcrafted Antique Wooden Jewelry Boxes For Women

August 29th, 2011 by wys

You can really show that you care by designing a gift on your own. What will strike a chord is an old world styled wooden jewelry boxes for women. The durability and beauty of wood is unmatched, making it perfect heirloom material.

There are several kinds of woods from which jewelry boxes can be made. Every one of them has different strengths as well as unique textures and finishes. Popular choices are cherry, maple and mahogany.

You also can choose from white ash, walnut, birch or burl. One can also opt for foreign woods such as rosewood, ebony, bocote, and jatobe. You could also think of lacewood, olivewood and padauk. Good quality boxes have their exteriors made of wood and the interiors lined with velvet or satin.

A favored style is that of the jewelry chest. These come with drawers, side doors that open out and flip top lid with an attached mirror. For the flip top lid you could include an etched mirror or small ballerina with some soothing music. Both these options make the box look elegant when opened.

Some of the drawers can have cup holders for earrings or finger rings and the side doors can incorporate hooks for chains. These chests look really good on the dresser and their exteriors can be further decorated to enhance their elegance.

Marquetry is an option where the box can have a design that is filled in with several small pieces of veneers in different shapes, textures, and colors. A number of beautiful designs can be filled in this way. Other decorative options include carvings by hand that enhance beauty. Since each hand made design has its own finish, you are sure of having a unique box.

Inlay, gem stone decoration and the like are other means of beautifying your box. There are heirloom wooden boxes that are upright with removable trays. The trays can be lined with a choice of velvet, satin, or suede and can be designed to hold a variety of accessories.

Another design you can look into is one that comes with small pull out drawers that open at different levels. In this version too, you can have separate compartments for earrings, finger rings, watches, chains, bracelets, and other precious jewelry. It’s the finish that gives these boxes their heirloom-like touch.

Opt for wooden handles on drawers instead of metallic ones. Opt to have these in contrasting shades to work wonders on the look of the box. The hooks for chains and bracelets too can be made of wood. Rolls for watches and cups for rings can be made of it too. Wood looks very natural if you choose to skip varnishing it.

Wooden jewelry boxes are treasured for a lifetime and are passed through the generations as a matter of rite. So, by creating a jewelry box that has the potential of becoming an heirloom, you will gain a lot of appreciation.

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