Handcarved Wooden Jewelry Boxes For Men: A Perfect Gift

May 9th, 2011 by wys

If you are wondering what to give for a man who has it all, you should seriously take a look at mens wooden jewelry boxes. They are compact and yet designed to hold several items of men’s accessories. The aim of ‘valet boxes’, which is the more acceptable term used by men, is to provide a safe place to store all those accessories that a man cannot do without: like his favorite watches, cufflinks, pens, tiepins, wallet, mobiles, and even spectacles.

There are many designs to choose from and you can, if time or money is not a factor, ask a talented jewelry box maker to customise the box. You have the freedom to select the type of wood you want, the shape and style of the box, the number of sections and dividers, etc. This could be a wonderful idea if he likes collecting different pens, watches, mobiles, etc. Then, you can make a box, taking into consideration his taste, that will be able to store all his valuables .

It is not just the storage problem that you will be solving by giving him an accessory box. You will be providing him with a solution to safely keep his keys and other accessories without having to look for them each time. It also provides a way by which he will not forget to take anything as each item will have its own receptacle and it will stand out if he leaves it behind.

There are also unusually shaped boxes which might appeal to you as a gift for the man in your life. You could find some boxes that have really unusual shapes like an expensive coffin, or a pirate’s treasure chest, or even a chest of drawers! The pirate chest could have some really interesting woodwork done on the sides and on top and with ‘brass knuckles’ screwed into the box at specific points and matching it with brass hinges and clasps . The coffin is made of two types of wood and opening the intricately carved work with marquetry would reveal a satin lined interior for storing valuables.

An elaborate ‘valet chest’ can be designed with several slots, hooks, and sections all neatly lined with velvet or satin to hold different types of accessories of different sizes. There will be special receptacles for mobiles, pens, glasses, and different sized slots for rings, bracelets, chains, etc.

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