Gifts For Women Who Have Everything - Handmade Exquisite Wooden Jewelry Boxes

July 8th, 2011 by wys

Sometimes it’s really difficult to find great gifts for women who are very discerning when it comes to the products they use. If the gift is intended for someone who is keen on accessorizing, it’s always a good choice to get something to organize her extensive jewelry collection. Whether you choose small ones or bigger ones, they are valuable for keeping those precious items safe and secure.

The popularity of jewelry boxes became imminent during the 18th century. They are commonly collected by the royalty and the nobility of the time. They were made with enamel coating and exquisitely decorated with gold or silver with ornate gems and other precious stones.

The more expensive jewelry boxes today are made almost the same way and follow the traditional techniques. But for those who cannot afford them, there are jewelry boxes made from other types of less costly materials. The more common ones are made from wood veneers, leather, plastics, and other natural materials like bark, mother of pearl, and plant fibers.

One of the most popular techniques used in creating dazzling jewelry boxes is marquetry. This traditional art combines different colored and textured pieces of brass, bone, tortoiseshell, ivory, pewter and other raw materials. Wooden jewelry boxes are created from thin strips of assorted species of trees like oak, maple, cherry, and mahogany that give craftsmen diversity in terms of color and texture of the boxes.

These thin strips of wood, called veneers, are intricately prepared to show the natural beauty of wood grain patterns. Creating these fine wood veneers is an art that dates back in history and requires the use of special tools. In order to create elaborate patterns and designs, artisans use varying types of wood and incorporate other techniques like burning and dyeing.

Due to the variety of exotic trees available, wood veneers come in several grain patterns. Common species of trees include cherry, maple, birch, and oak but rare and exotic ones such as eucalyptus and rosewood are often used. The colors of wood may be limited to their natural colors of red, brown, and yellow but adding some dyes can add visual texture and balance to the overall design.

Not only do they reduce the cost of materials but carefully selected and finished hard wood also give craftsmen a wide range of ideas when it comes to designing the boxes. These timbers, when cut, have repeated patterns that can be utilized for more dazzling decorative effects. And the use of wood veneers makes these boxes more durable and allows for curves and joints to appear more polished and smoother.

With the endless variety of richly textured and colored wood to choose from, there’s also an extensive assortment when it comes to designs depending on how creative the manufacturers are. Wooden jewelry boxes make lovely gifts any time of the year and can surely make any occasion even more memorable. With the many different styles to choose from, you won’t run out of ideas for a finely crafted and unique box for keeping valuables and memories.

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