Gift A Mens Wooden Jewelry Box To Remove Clutter on His Desk

May 8th, 2011 by wys

They may not admit to it, but a handmade jewelry box for men is attractive to men for many reasons. Men find it almost impossible to keep all their accessories in one place. Are you one of those men who struggle every morning to find their watch, glasses, keys, etc, and waste a lot of time looking for things before heading out? This may be your ideal time management tool to get your day off to a great start.

And if you are a man who finds it easy to keep things organized on his desk and wonders why your friend doesn’t find it so easy, maybe it’s time you gifted him an accessory box that will help him to organize his stuff without much effort and save him a lot of time in the process.

There are many different handcrafted wood jewelry boxes for men. Starting from a neat, cleancut, rectangel shaped box with a single compartment and several dividers to hold mobiles, wallet, watches, rings, pens, etc, to bigger boxes that remind you of a chest of drawers specifically designed for men who have a bigger collection of each accessory.

Men have a soft corner for watches and like to match their watch with their outfit. There are also boxes that are specifically designed for watches and have a transparent glass lid, which showcases the watches.
If you are not strapped for time or money, you could plan your gift properly and get it customised to suit his needs. You could design an accessory box leaving the top open and enough space to keep mobiles and pens that are eassily accessible and two velvet lined drawers to store other items. You can opt for some interesting clasps and hinges to give the box a very classy look.

Most men prefer dark colours in two tones and ebony or espresso finish is liked by many. Dark Cherry, Mahogany, and Walnut are some of the types of wood that are preferred for making these ‘valet boxes’. It can easily be accommodated on a dresser and would look great in any decor. In most cases, a uniquely carved jewelry box turns into a conversation piece and attracts a lot of attention! There are many other interesting designs with mirrored lids, or lids with flaps made of satin to hold watches and enough space to store other valuables. There are lots more thoughtfully crafted boxes with velvet-lined deep compartments to stash away expensive accessories, glasses, and even receptacles for glasses and loose change.

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