For the Professional Woman: the Stylish Opulence and Value of Diamonds by the Yard Styles

March 29th, 2010 by wys

Diamonds by the Yard necklaces have become a beloved, perhaps even indispensable, element of an elegant woman’s jewelry wardrobe, and there is really no better way to bring sophistication and presence to your look than these intricately designed necklaces in the style of Diamonds by the Yard.

Diamonds, as the saying goes, are a girl’s best friend, and necklaces made in the unique diamonds by the yard style will bring elegance, brightness, and a certain whimsy to any outfit. Versatile diamonds, truly the greatest classic accessory for any formal, informal, or professional occasion, are looking better and more beautiful than ever thanks to the enduring diamonds by the yard jewelry trend.

As is the case when shopping for any other diamond piece, when choosing a diamonds by the yard necklace it is important to be educated about the famous “three Cs” by which a diamond’s quality is determined: cut, clarity and color. Cut is almost unanimously considered most important by those in the industry, as proper cutting techniques applied to diamonds in diamonds by the yard necklaces and other jewelry can make a less than perfect diamond look much better. Likewise, diamonds that have excellent grades of color and clarity but have been poorly cut will look strange and dull–not the impression one wishes to make when wearing a fun, fashionable item like diamonds by the yard at all!

Purchasing your diamonds by the yard necklace with the best cut diamonds possible particularly when it comes to the diamonds by the yard pieces made in larger total carat weights, is especially important because the stones in a diamonds by the yard style necklace are bezel set. Bezel setting for diamonds by the yard necklace styles is a wonderful thing because the thin band of metal circling the diamond at its widest point allows the maximum amount of light possible to pass through each gem. This style of setting is also quite secure. However, it would be quite a shame to miss out on the full potential of bezel-set diamonds by the yard because the stones were not properly cut and cannot refract light to achieve the intense sparkle and interesting sense of movement that make the diamonds by the yard style of necklace so lovely and sought after.

Diamonds by the yard necklaces are often in demand during the traditional gift giving holidays, from December’s plethora of celebrations like Christmas and Hanukkah to Valentine’s Day every February 14, and they also make wonderful gifts to celebrate a lady’s birthday or a milestone anniversary. Many women who are moms will receive diamonds by the yard necklaces as presents on Mother’s Day from their husbands or grown children. Still others will celebrate their own independence and success by buying diamonds by the yard necklaces for themselves; for professional women, the formidable yet feminine diamonds by the yard necklace is the ultimate power accessory.

Diamonds by the yard necklaces are made with different numbers of diamonds, lengths, total carat weights, and diamond grades, so regardless of your finances or the wearer’s tastes it is entirely possible to find the perfect diamonds by the yard necklace every time.

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