For any occasion involving friends and family, diamond earrings are the perfect gift always.

July 26th, 2009 by wys

What do I buy for a female friend that I’ve known for quite some time on her birthday?
Of course you want to give her something special, but a diamond ring might be misunderstood for something else.
Why don’t you buy her a lovely set of diamond earrings? The gift of a diamond can have more meanings than the obvious one. Because of their ability to last over a long time, they have become the birthstone of April. These are ideal for daily, casual use as well as retaining a classic look. Diamonds would be the best choice, when one wants to gift a life time remembrance.
Should you get a diamond ring, necklace, or even consider obtaining earrings?
One good choice may be a necklace, however, diamond necklaces may be put in a safe and only taken out for wearing for special events.

Diamond earrings are as apt to be worn with a pair of shorts or blue jeans as they are with an evening dress and in our opinion its a very suitable diamond jewellery gift.

Usually diamond earrings are also more affordable

For many persons, the toughest part of shopping diamond earrings is to decide on the diamond cuts. Imagine you are in the market for a matched set of diamond studs, the cut only matters to the girl and you can have it made to reflect her personality if you know her that well.
Round-cut diamonds are cone shaped after they are cut and are very brilliant. The most popular type of cut for diamonds is most likely the round cut. Most of the engagement rings seen today have a round-cut diamond at its centre.
Princess cut diamonds are formed like an upside down pyramid with a square top that has four edges that are bevelled. Second in line for popularity in diamond jewellery is the beautiful princess-cut diamond.
Emerald-cut diamonds are in the shape of regular emeralds and feature a rectangular shape upside down pyramid.
The ear can only support so much weight so the size of the diamond should be smaller. The final piece of advice is that you should ask the jeweller you are doing business to recommend diamond earrings.

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    Earrings with diamonds are undoubtedly the best gift. my opinion