For an ‘Ice Palace’ Winter Wedding, Select Luxury Bridal Jewellery

June 27th, 2010 by wys

Picture a colour scheme in total, icy white with bits of silver and blue that takes the breath of and engages your guests. This magical winter wedding theme also includes sparkling crystal icicles and snow that produce an unforgettable ambiance. Here are a few ideas for any ice palace winter wedding.

Luxury Bridal Jewellery - Thoughts for Winter Wedding Decorations

The ice palace starts to take shape when you drapeput either pure white or silver fabric onto the walls. Behind the fabric, place strings of tiny white twinkling lights. Cover the fabric with silver or ice-blue glitter to create the effect of snowy, crystal-like walls that twinkle. Another proposal is to hang shimmering silver snow flakes from atop the ceiling. To present the appearance of an icy landscape, gather large and fascinating tree branches. Arrange them on stands and spray silver or white. Scatter white or blue shining lights along the branches. You also can hang white, blue or crystal beads from the branches to add to the icy effect. Put these decorations in empty corners or in the vicinity of the gift table. For the guest tables, place white or ice blue candles in a crystal bowl full of water. Tint the water blue for utmost effect.

Luxury Bridal Jewellery - Thoughts for the Bride, Groom and Wedding Party

A good fabric for a winter wedding gown is chiffon in a complete icy white or silver. Satin is another great option, also in silver or white. For most effect, wear a white fur cape or stole and carry a white fur muff. Long white gloves along with a bouquet of pure white flowers enhanced with blue and sliver will polish off your wintry look. The bridesmaids should repeat and offset your look with silver or ice blue gowns embroidered with sequins or diamante. Select fur trimmed capes for the bridesmaids along with long white gloves. Each bridesmaid can hold a white flower embellished with blue or silver ribbon. Crystalline synthetic flowers are an additional possibility for yourself and your attendants. The groom and his entourage might go for icy white or navy blue tuxedos that include sliver or ice blue cummerbunds. White boutonni

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