Fixing The Hot Fix Crystals

December 2nd, 2010 by wys

Hot fix crystals or hot fix rhinestones are being widely used in the textile and garment industry to generate impressive motif designs. The designs when applied to clothes add glamour with their appearance. A number of these designs will also be used as company logos promote business. The motifs made from hot fix crystals have many applications and therefore are becoming a fundamental element of the style industry in virtually all areas of the planet.

At First Glance

Determining the grade of different hot fix crystals is possible simply by checking them out visually. Top quality crystals and rhinestones are more glamorous than the cheap ones; they have got that extra amount of sparkle to attract attention. The extra glitter in top quality crystals is out of their finer edged cutting, presents them sharp and smooth facets. In contrast, cheap crystals tend not to carry sharp edges or facets.


While their glitter will be the easiest method of checking the grade of crystals, most manufacturers also assign them various grades for simple identification. This grading is completed on such basis as the grade of shapes, cuts and colors from the crystals, with higher grades signifying crystals of higher quality.

The underside diameter sizes and standard sizes of crystals will also be important characteristics for grading. Top quality crystals will be precisely cut; their bottom diameter size perfectly matching the standardized sizes. Smaller or larger bottom diameters means the crystals are of a far lower quality.


These are color, top quality crystals and hot fix rhinestones will be of uniform color throughout, while cheap crystals might look dark from one angle and light-weight from another. With regards to shapes, most top quality crystals can be found in all sorts of cool shapes including stars, flowers, pendants, etc. Lower quality crystals however can not be cut into the finer edges needed for getting to these sharp designs so can be easily identified off their shapes.

Fabric Bond

Beyond all of this, it is usually possible to differentiate between low and top quality hot fix crystals off their ability to comply with fabrics. Top quality ones will stay with virtually all fabrics quickly, form a solid bond and will not come off during washing. Additionally they need to be ironed less to obtain adhered. Inferior hot fix crystals and rhinestones tend not to carry any of these characteristics and require lots of effort to obtain adhered but few in the future off the fabric.

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