Finding a Men’s Jewelry Box for All Your Accessories

September 26th, 2011 by wys

The concept of a men’s jewelry box does sound strange. They are in fact, a male version of a lady’s trinket box and is very useful to have. They are known as valets and one can choose from a number of versions depending on storage needs.

Valets are generally created from leather or wood. The design of the box is based on the kinds of accessories they will hold. They range from boxes that will store only cuff links or watches to those that will hold much more.

Men often possess a mixed collection of accessories. Most common are watches, cuff links, a tie, a cell phone, loose change, a pen, and a wallet. Large valets can be kept on dressers or study tables.

There are boxes that can accommodate several accessories, yet be portable. Men who are organized prefer to have all their belongings in one place. A multi-level leather case placed on the dresser is a nice option. This holds up to 4 watches, six pens, and eight pairs of cuff links in separate compartments.

Boxes that will be placed on the dressing table will have a few more useful features. Look for those that have space for small notebooks and business card holders. Those with upright pen holders would be a good choice, giving you easy access to them.

Both variations offer you a number of storage styles depending on what your particular needs are. You could choose to have cup holders for rings, rolls for bracelets or watches, and even hooks for chains. You could also have boxes that have storage space for freshly pressed ties.

Valet boxes are also made for men who have a large collection of one type of accessory. You will find cuff link cases that will hold up to 24 pairs while making space for more. Having a glass top will allow you to choose a pair for the day and have a display case of sorts.

A valet can be made especially to store your collection of expensive watches. Frames made of wood or leather along with a glass top, separate rolls to store up to 10 watches or more would be a good choice. Some discerning men have wonderful collections of signature pens.

Valet boxes that will store these precious pieces under lock and key are in plenty. You will find boxes that will hold up to 20 pens in a wide range of finishes.

Boxes that will hold up to 20 pens, in a range of finishes are available. You will find that leather pouches will store all your accessories and yet roll up tight making them a good choice. They will easily hold watches, pens, cuff links and more. Really long trips warrant the use of a technology valet. This will hold all your accessories and give you built in charging points for electronics like cell phones, Blackberry and even a notebook. All the compartments fold up neatly making the valet quite portable.

Getting yourself an elegant but classy valet will help you satisfy all your storage needs, making organization simpler.

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