Fall in love with Hello Kitty Necklace

May 25th, 2010 by wys

Some little girls despise jewelry, while others love it. Some of the ladies are fans of certain people, these people usually very specific as to what types of jewelry they like. A lot of times, it isn’t the kind of jewelry so much as the way it looks. You may realize that your little girl is a big admirer of everything with Winx Club on it, or Strawberry Shortcake, or even Hello Kitty. Actually, Hello Kitty is quite possibly most popular cartoon characters in the world among people of all ages. And, as with several popular character, you know that there’s a wealth of themed products to catered for the lovers of Hello Kitty.

As for Hello Kitty costume jewelry, the Hello Kitty necklaces are notably widespread. With these necklaces, you actually show the face of the cat herself on your chest. Many girls adore it, because the brand itself is closely connected with good feelings and a feel of whimsy. It’s even not unusual for some adults to put on Hello Kitty necklace.

The Hello Kitty Necklace is usually made of a plastic chain, usually in pink, with a locket in the form of either the face of Hello Kitty or the entire cat in a dress. The pendant is generally plastic, unless you go to a high end shop and purchase a pendant with a gold backing and chain. The plastic ones are very cheap. Not surprisingly, this makes them common party bags to distribute at girls related parties.

Believe it or not, while most Hello Kitty necklaces just under ten bucks, you can actually purchase extremely well-made and expensive ones for a couple of thousands or much more. These ultra-expensive necklaces generally have expensive stones encrusted in them and chains of 18-carat gold. Of course, most of the really posh necklaces are donned by mature ladies. Hello Kitty is one of those cartoon icons that women never seem to lose interest with. Once you’re a fan, it seems you’re usually a fan. For those to whom this character appeals, there’s nothing like her, and she’ll usually evoke feelings of warmth and happiness. Anything that can suggest these feelings will obviously be popular for a long time. That’s why the product continues to do so well, even in a downturn. When the period are hard, people turn to what makes them feel good, and for several people that’s the cat herself, represented by a straightforward Hello Kitty necklace.

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