Exquisitely Handcrafted Wooden Jewelry Boxes For Women

May 13th, 2011 by wys

Women generally treat both costly and inexpensive jewelry with the same level of care. Handcrafted cheap jewelry boxes for women make the best storage solution for storing these precious trinkets. Sometimes a piece of jewelry acts as a souvenir of places visited or of loving relationships in the past. It brings a whiff of nostalgia to the present and most women are very sentimental and tend to hold on to the slightest reminder of happier days in their life.

Different kinds of wood and embellishments are used in the making of wooden jewelry boxes. Depending on the level of detail involved in the design process and the type of wood, these boxes could be quite moderately priced. The prices may be low because these boxes are made from a commonly available wood and the embellishments did not take much time or effort and does not mean that the quality of these boxes are in any way compromised.

Some simple designs can look totally awesome and boxes made of local rubber wood and embellished with marquetry using burls or cherry or maple veneers are quite inexpensive .

Burls are a product of something called cambium which is nothing but a layer of cells that lies between the tissues of the phloem (inner bark) and the xylem (the wood). This layer of cells produce, by dividing constantly, a secondary layer of xylem cells. In simple language, the cambial cells result in an external growth that resembles a tumor on the roots of the tree or outside the bark. These ‘tumors’ are called burls and are said to be caused by undue stress on the tree due to environmental or even human factors.

The color of maple burls is usually pink and sometimes rustlike or white . The matching of maple burls usually results in a lot of wastage. Walnut burl comes from California and some places in Arizona and looks grayish or reddish brown. The most popular is the ‘black walnut burl’ but it is very rare to find nicely shaped walnut burls.

Burls of exotic woods like Zebrawood, Thuya, and Kewazinga are definitely costlier but depending on the quantity used, it may not be very highly priced. Thuya burl weighs up to 1000 lbs and is said to be highly revered in Morocco. It gives out an aroma like cedar especially when it is being cut. This soft wood can be carved easily and polished . But like almost all burls, this also tends to darken as the years go by.

So if you want to buy a wooden jewelry box that is classy and yet cheap, go for a simple box made of commonly available wood but one that has some exquisite marquetry work done with veneers and burls of exotic wood. This will look sleek and sophisticated and yet not cost much.

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