Everything You Have to Know About Ring Amber

August 29th, 2009 by wys

Ah, yes, amber. Its organic yellow, orange and even green luster gives it a novel property all its own, and these properties sets it apart from other precious metals.

This is maybe why I have a particular love for this ring amber that has been passed down in my folks for a few generations now. My mom taught me a way to look after it, as it was passed down our family for around 6 decades now, and here’s what I learned from her :

BE CAREFUL WITH AMBER! I remember her howling this to me all the time when I first got the ring amber. I like flailing my hands around to exaggerate my point, and this allegedly was a major threat to all amber pieces. She explained to me that they may last for years and years, but they are fragile and crack simply. So I had to be particularly careful when wearing the amber, while wrapping the ring in those soft cotton bags designed specifically for holding jewelry.

BE CAREFUL WITH CHEMICALS! This was another line I usually had screamed into my face when I was young. That was the time I wasn’t aware of how to look after jewelry, so the first thing she did was tell me that amber and each other sort of jewellery out there does not react well with chemicals like makeup and soap.

USE OLIVE OIL! O.K , so she did not scream this one in my ears, but she did emphasize on using a small olive oil to bring back luster. A single drop on the ring, a few wipes with a cotton or flannel pad, and I saw that old family ring amber shine like the day it was made.

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