Enjoy A Snack Make Healthy Pickles At Home

October 30th, 2010 by wys

Everyone knows that pickles are the most popular snack or side dish. But quite few would know that they are a very healthy part of your food. Just like the handcrafted jewelry or the handmade jewelry is made out of valuable stones, the jems in case of pickles are fruits or veggies. There are around a thousand different pickle recipes out there, but the health prospects vary depending upon the ingredient used and the method of pickling.

You might have come across different pickles in the market, but there is nothing better than a crunchy homemade pickle. The best part is you can alter the ingredient according to your taste requirements. You want sweet, sour, spicy or whatever taste, just adjust the contents to do so. But hold on a moment! You have to make sure whether the pickles you are feeding to your relatives are safe or not. So, it is a good idea to cast a glance at some of these pointers to get a clarification that your pickles are absolutely safe.

• Arrghh, the unwanted and foul smell again? Take no chances and instantly discard any food that you see this way. It is not worth taking chances, when you are in suspicion just throw them out.

• If you have selected the vegetable cucumber for instance, then it has to be rinsed thoroughly. Moreover, everything that comes in contact with the vegetable has to be sterilized including the jars, lids along with utensils. You can do so, by keeping them for 10 minutes in a hot water bath.

• Most importantly, the cucumber you are selecting for pickling must be devoid of bruises or blemishes. The best way to keep them undamaged is to can them within 24 hours of pickling. It’s further a nice practice to take the cucumbers the same day they are purchased. Make sure they are not coated as those cucumbers interfere with the curing process. It’s sad that much of the store bought cucumbers these days have wax covered on them.

• It’s very essential in pickling that you employ only the trusted recipes. For instance, there is no real requirement to change the quantity of vinegar, salt, or water from the recipe. Always bear in mind, in pickling, the contrast of salt to vinegar is a critical element in the curing of cucumbers and hence creating safe pickles.

• It’s better to take a stainless steel, aluminum, glass jar for making brine or the salt-vinegar mix. Metallic utensils can react with the acid and cause some undesirable color alterations which are the indicator of some toxic compounds in the pickles.

• After the cucumbers are tightly stored in the jars, fix the air tight lids. Then again, submerge them in a hot water bath. See the processing time in your recipe which should be around 10 to 20 minutes.

There are no claims that this is an all inclusive gist of every canning step, but once you follow these precautions you can have a fair amount of comfort that your pickles are safe to eat.

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