Elegant Mens Jewelry Box Gift Ideas

June 22nd, 2011 by wys

It can be very difficult to buy gifts for men. A jewelry box for men or a valet box is a possible solution. These jewelry boxes are not womanly in looks and a man can use them to store all that he carries on daily basis like his wallet, mobile and loose change.

Not to be confused with a woman’s jewelry box, a valet is made of strong materials like wood and leather to exude that air of masculinity. They are meant to be kept on bedside tables or on the dresser and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Favorites among expensive valets are those made of Teak, Mahogany and Maple wood along with those made of metal, for the more practical in nature.

Jewelry boxes for men are for everyday use, though depending on the material and add-ons, they can even serve as status symbols. A man’s taste in valets is a reflection on his style and elegance. The styling as well as the color of the box play a major role in determining this.

A good valet box should have dedicated space for cuff links, ring rolls and provision to hold one or two watches. This ensures that a man’s prized and often expensive possessions are well stored. Since there are a large variety of valet boxes available, you could choose one depending on the requirements of your man.

Some men love to collect watches and the valet box you choose should have multiple watch rolls to house them all. Formal clothing such as a suit and tie is compulsory for many men at work and having a box with all their cuff links in one place would be a good idea. Boxes with soft interiors should be the preferred choice as they prevent watches and jewelry from getting scratched.

For tech freaks, a valet that comes with a comprehensive charging unit would be a great option. There are units available that come with built-in charging ports for a MP3 player, a mobile phone, a tablet, and an organizer. These charging valets fitted with a travel case for a man to have all that he needs easily portable.

Lovers of the ocean would truly value a naval-themed valet. These come with compasses built into the lids just like a real sea-faring captain would have.

There are many styles to a valet box with some having lids that can be closed and locked and others sporting slide-out trays. There are even those that have mirrors for men who like to give themselves one last look before heading out. Others can be collapsed to the size needed and some come with turned out edges to make carrying easy.

These boxes make great gifts for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. There is a make to suit every age and style, making them great gifts for graduation ceremonies and coming of age presents. A valet box is a simple, yet stylish way of staying organized and is a gift that will be appreciated.

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