Elaborately Handcrafted Wooden Jewelry Boxes For Women

May 10th, 2011 by wys

Womens jewelry boxes are designed in various shapes, styles, and sizes. They are also made with different types of material; fabric, leather, ceramic, etc. But those made out of wood are the most attractive.

Wooden jewelry boxes are made with many types of common and exotic woods. A few of the exotic wood that are used in wood inlays (marquetry) to embellish the boxes are

  • Kewazinga
  • Big Leaf Maple
  • Thuya Burl
  • Walnut Burl
  • Spalted Poplar
  • English Brown Oak
  • Red Nara
  • Maple Burl Tan
  • Zebrawood

Zebrawood is a very hard and heavy wood. It has a rather coarse texture and quite often difficult to work on but it looks terrific. This wood is usually cut at right angles to the growth rings and its grain is generally wavy or interlocked. It is brought from Congo and other places like Cameroon in Central America and its name is due to the resemblance to the zebra with its pale golden yellow or brown background striped with dark brown streaks. It looks great when used in marquetry to decorate wooden jewelry boxes.

English Brown Oak, on the other hand, is not a separate species of tree but rather an infected English Oak! The rich beautiful honey-brown color it gets is due to a fungal infection that changes the color of the wood. With time, it gets darker and darker but is a very beautiful wood to use for inlays.

Oak Burl is also not a tree by itself but is a malignant growth caused by stress due to environmental factors or human interference. Burlwood in general is covered by bark and develops in oaks that stand alone as it has space to grow. With the right tools, it is fairly easy to work on oak burl although it is a hardwood. And only the American oak burl can be subject to staining.

Jewelry boxes are made of different sizes and shapes and sometimes you might find a really unusual shape that will make an excellent gift. There are boxes shaped like a pirate’s treasure chest, an old book, an outdated powder box, suitcase, or an ancient lamp, etc. But the ones that have universal appeal are the hand-carved wooden boxes with special inlays or other embellishments.

These handcarved wooden boxes go very well with the room’s decor and sit well on the dresser. Small trinkets, souvenirs from your travels, and precious jewelry can be stored safely in these lined jewelry boxes. Storing in a jewelry box prevents the jewelry from getting tarnished and also helps you organize your jewelry and keeping it easily accessible whenever needed.

In most cases, these elaborately handcarved boxes attract more attention than the jewelry they hold! So, don’t hesitate to make a lasting impression on the favorite woman in your life by gifting her a wooden jewelry box.

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