Elaborately Handcrafted Large Wooden Jewelry Boxes

May 18th, 2011 by wys

Intricately handcarved large jewelry boxes are best for organizing and storing your precious jewelry. If you like matching your jewelry to your outfit, a good jewelry box will save you a lot of time and reduce the risk of misplacing your jewelry.

There are several types of large jewelry boxes available in the market. Getting a customized box is an option but that would mean spending more money, time, and effort. Alternatively, you could choose from the many superbly handcrafted and unique readily available pieces.

First thing you have to do is take stock of your jewelry. It is advisable to sort out your jewelry into the different makes and types . Separate your platinum, gold, and silver jewelry separated from the non-precious jewelry and arrange them neatly in sets. Each type of jewelry can be assigned a drawer. Sort out all the cheaper jewelry and trinkets that you’ve picked up from here and there, which have aesthetic or sentimental value but little monetary worth. Matching all your jewelry, your rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc, and setting them aside is important.

As it gets easily tarnished, it is best to protect silver jewelry by storing them in their original packing. It helps to keep the jewelry inside the packing even if you are going to put it in a smoothly lined drawer.

All the random pieces of jewelry that don’t with any set and would actually look great with anything, can be stored in their slots and hooks separately. If your jewelry is neatly organized in sets, you won’t have any trouble in matching with your outfit and you will definitely save yourself a lot of time.

You should now have a fair idea of what sort of jewelry box, how many drawers and hooks and slots, is needed to store all your jewelry. Get a box that can be locked if you have expensive jewelry.

Then you have to decide on where you will keep the box; on the dresser or somewhere else. Buying a handcrafted wooden box means you will also be enhancing the decor of your room and it just might become the main attraction! However, remember to take into consideration the existing furniture so you can match your jewelry box with it .

You then need to choose the design and kind of handcarving you want on the box. Finally decide on how much you are willing to spend on this box. Now you are ready to shop for the perfect jewelry box for your precious jewelry!

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