Earrings Allow You To Make A Statement Buy Pearl Earrings For A Feminine Style

October 11th, 2009 by wys

We like to decorate our ears and it is understandable why we buy pearl earrings to accentuate our finer features. It doesn’t matter what face shape you have, women seem to instinctively know that pearl earrings will suit them. Of course, something as beautiful as pearl earrings don’t ever date or look off-trend and that’s why people buy them to add to their jewellery collection. But where did the passion for earrings come from? Is it a new thing? In fact, its not a new attraction at all and many years’ previous have seen women experimenting with their jewellery and body art.

In our fast-paced modern cultures our ears provide one of the easiest and most prominent body parts to adorn. Many women express themselves through their choice of ear jewellery, and this could be with pearls or diamonds. We buy pearl earrings simply because they are the perfect way to make us look young, sophisticated and give us a glowing complexion.

It is fair to say that earrings have been around a long time and they have managed to remain on the top of everyone’s desirability list. You might not be aware that the oldest recorded earrings are Lunate ones. These earrings were discovered in the region that is now known as Iraq, which might surprise some people. These gold crescent hoops are approximately 4,500 years old. Earrings have come a long way since then, of course. For a start, the developed worlds don’t use bone anymore, which was a common choice all those years ago, but we do still use gold which has transcended many jewellery boundaries and remains a popular choice today.

Different earring styles have had a varying popularity over the years and this has often been affected by hairstyles. If you do your history research you will find that it was the Middle Ages when people really stopped wearing earrings as much. The reason for this is simple – married women with their heads uncovered in a public environment were frowned upon. Then in the mid-1500’s women began wearing their hair up, exposing their ears. Earrings resurged and continued to gain popularity for years later, where pearls became a middle-class desirable option.

Nowadays, there are people from all walks of life wearing all sorts of earrings. We wear drop earrings of all sorts with hoops and posts, made from all kinds of materials including silver and gold and seashells, pearls and gems and glass beads. We wear earrings as art and this helps us to express ourselves. Of all the types of earrings we wear though, pearl earrings remain the most popular.

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