Different Types of Ornamentation Craft Done on Jewelry Boxes For Women

September 7th, 2011 by wys

To decorate jewelry boxes for women different types of ornamentation is used. The trinket box is loved as much as their jewelry by women. Exquisite and grand designs are done on most of these boxes.

Multicolored shells in different shapes are used to decorate these boxes. A design of a flower with shells are placed on top of the box, and the long shells are neatly placed around this flower to form a lovely design. It is very pleasant to look at the colorful shells. The more beautiful ones are the wood carved boxes. With semi precious stones encrusted on the lid their beauty is enhanced.

To decorate the boxes rhine stones of different colors are used. Enamel jewelry boxes are eye catching! These boxes have beautiful painting done on it. What wonders pastel shades and colors could do!

Jewelry boxes were also produced in porcelain, bones, stones, bronze, brass, and silver. The rich mostly preferred gold and silver boxes as they had special artistic care. A jewelry box can be made out of heavy black metal too. There are marble carved boxes with mesh designs. Gold and silver, or black and silver are the usual colors used for painting these boxes.

If you like a box like the ones kings and queens use, buy an Arabic box that is extensively designed with velvet on top and tassels on the sides of the box. The box can be made of any metal or wood but the custom is to keep the boxes decorated and covered all the time. By yourself you can easily decorate your jewelry box. Buy some ready made plain petals, gold flowers, and leaves. You can fix them with adhesive and get a braid made of gold silver or bronze.

If you possess an old box that you would like to decorate, use bright satin to make it look glamorous. Many people use black to decorate it, but some think of black as a bad omen. Apply adhesive after cleaning the box, cut some sponge or foam and stick it onto the box. Stick the satin making sure it is placed neatly and allow the box to dry. To enhance the beauty of the satin add some matching flowers of bronze.

Many different types of ornamental accessories are available in the shops. They are available in beautiful designs and colors.. It gives you a sense of pride and joy when you do the decorative work yourself. You will need to be very careful when you stick some stones on your jewelry box. Ensure that the glue does not come into contact with any surface other than where the stones have to stuck. Stones of different color and shapes could be used. Embossed embroidered material can be used, but is very expensive.

When the box is adorned with it, looks very beautiful. Extra fittings or additional decoration will not be needed, as it has several sequins and small stones on the material itself. A box which is ordinary and dull is changed to a skillfully decorated and beautiful one.

Several ornamental jewelry cases are there in the market to suit every pocket. For those who are creative there are a wide variety of ornaments too, to help them decorate their boxes.

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