Diamond Stud Earrings She Will

November 5th, 2009 by wys

Diamond Stud Earrings, a quite traditional birthday and holiday gift for women, are a staple of every elegant woman’s wardrobe. These classic sparklers, though often small and understated, are always a tasteful and beautiful complement to any wardrobe and occasion. The modern practice of giving ladies diamond stud earrings as a gift may have begun with Tiffany and Co., but there is no need to pay Tiffany’s prices, as the same quality of diamonds are now available from many online retailers with considerably less markup than the famous names but no less actual value. They are a hit at family gatherings where gifts are exchanged because they are certain to impress. Girlfriends, wives, and mothers are elated to receive diamond stud earrings from their loved ones, and small diamond stud earrings also make wonderful graduation gifts for daughters. Round Diamond Stud Earrings are the most traditional choice, but modern designers and fashionable women are not quite as bound by convention in this day and age as in the past, so there are now many cuts and shapes of diamond stud earrings available. Personally, I find the many carat sizes and styles of Princess Cut Diamond Stud Earrings absolutely breathtaking. To really stand out, diamond stud earrings can also be designed in cuts like oval, marquise, pear, and teardrop shapes. These breathtaking gems are most often set in three or four prong settings of 14kt white gold, which nicely accents the pale color of the diamonds. For wearers with metal allergies, diamond studs with platinum settings are recommended, as platinum is hypoallergenic and adverse reactions to the nickel alloy in 14kt white gold can be especially strong since the post of an earring actually goes through a part of the body (as opposed to a ring or necklace which only goes around.) Platinum is also the best choice for those seeking jewelry of the very best quality, as it is the most valuable of the precious metals.

Diamond studs can also be set in many other ways, and this is often seen with princess and square cut diamonds that look lovely surrounded by a secure bezel setting in a diamond stud. Diamond stud earrings are made with either the standard push back fasteners, or a more secure back that screws on, which I recommend particularly with larger diamonds– they are both more valuable and heavier, so a little more fuss in putting them on is well worth the catastrophe of losing one of your precious earrings!

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