Diamond Rings and How to Choose a Good Store

July 7th, 2011 by wys

What makes an excellent diamond rings store?

A diamond rings store isn’t just a place to buy diamond rings ( in Wellington, New Zealand or where ever you are from ).
It can be a place to restore old diamond rings, repair broken diamond rings, and even find a worth on what you already own.

But there’s much more to the tale.
A jewellery store might be the place you go to mark really memorable occasions in your life.
And that’s the reason why choosing the right one can affect, well, the remainder of your life.

If you don’t need to get stuck with a wedding ring that makes your skin turn green or you don’t want to spoil your marriage proposal with a half-heartedly assembled engagement ring, selecting an excellent jewelry shop should be priority number one.

For you guys who don’t know the first thing about jewellery, remember that finding a good jeweller is like finding a good tailor : once you find a great jeweller, you wish to keep her.

The biggest difference between a bad jeweller and a good jeweller is the same as the difference between bronze and gold - they’d look similar, but that is where the similarity ends.

Finding quality jewellers in your area - ways to “whittle down your list”

Look at online reviews
A search for nearby jewellers in your neighborhood should also reveal a collection of online reviews you can check out.
Make use of jewellery review sites and be certain to find an all round feel for which jewelry shop near you would work the best.
Don’t place too much stock in any one individual review, bad or good : you never can tell if somebody is biased.

Get opinions
If you have a friend or family member who had a great experience with a jeweller, ask for that jeweller’s contact information and add them to the list.
Good word-of-mouth is how good jewellers stay in business, and if you can get personal suggestions, you can know you’re headed in the right direction.

Appreciate their product!
And most importantly, peruse the jewellers’ site and only include them on your list if you like what you see.

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