Designer Chunky Jewelry and Jewelry Boxes For Women

August 30th, 2011 by wys

Chunky jewelry has become quite the trend with women these days. To hold these large pieces of jewelry special jewelry boxes for women had to be designed. For this type of jewelry various metals, plastic, wood and other materials are used.

Carved ones inlaid with semi precious stones and precious stones are quite popular. The commonly used metals for making jewelry boxes are gold, bronze, copper, resin, rhodium, stainless steel and oxidized metal. Sometimes a mixture of five different metals are used to make it easier to mould the beautiful patterns on the jewelry. The five metals are gold, silver, bronze, copper and brass; the proportion of gold and silver are very small when compared to the other metals.

There are drops that are made with big beads and floral designs of embossed enamel. The paintings are done meticulously. There are also earrings made of precious stones, pearls, garnets, and crystals.

Head bands designed in rows of clear crystal and threaded with metal wire and encrusted with crystals and silk chiffon look gorgeous. You can go with the one with a big carved metal flower fixed in the middle of the band. Leather and carved metal are also used to make chunky necklaces. Crystals and clear beads are also used to make these necklaces.

Different colors of huge rings and big circumferences silk thread form the four beautiful layers of the necklace. They also wear huge bracelets made of metal and stones and crystals inlaid in it. You could also get a huge ring with your birth stone, or a fringe of stones of different colors which is the fashion now.

Brooches, hair combs and other accessories are there to adorn the hair. It will hold hair well and has designs that are inlaid with pearls and stones beautifully. The best materials for storing chunky jewelry are wood and leather where the boxes are quite spacious. To keep all your chains and necklaces the base of the box should be hollow and deep.

You need some more compartments to keep your bangles. A bangle rod should be there so that the bangles don’t clash against each other. As otherwise, the bangles might lose their pendants or cause the stones to break off. To store your chunky earrings the topmost drawer should have spacious compartments. Equally big compartments will be needed to store bracelets. To keep chains from getting entangled chain hooks should be there.

You should choose your jewelry box with care to keep your jewelry safe as well as spacious enough to store all your jewelry. Take stock of your requirements and only then set out to buy one.

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