Delight Your Lover With A Platinum Diamond Tennis Bracelet

September 9th, 2010 by wys

A platinum diamond tennis bracelet is a single linked bracelet with brilliant diamond or gemstones studded on it. The design remains constant throughout and is symmetrical. Crafted from gold, silver or platinum or a combination resulting in two tone and three tone shades, the design of this bracelet is always simple with many stones neatly arranged in a single row. This piece of jewelry looks very beautiful on delicate wrists. The unique quality all of the tennis bracelets is that they have noticeable bigger diamonds rather than small ones. Starting from 2 carat diamonds this bracelet is also made of gold, silver, sapphires, pearls or other precious stones.

A platinum diamond tennis bracelets is also available in a variety of cuts including rectangular (also called the emerald cut), oval, circular and square. The shinny dangling bracelet filled with diamonds is appropriate for any occasion and can be teamed up with any outfit. For more formal occasions, the tennis bracelet is more appropriate. Made of sterling silver and gold with equal sized diamonds or precious stones connected without any gaps, these bracelets look spectacular on a woman’s wrist. They flatter wrists with their glimmering gems along with their bold, engraving or unique shapes and are a must for any woman’s wardrobe. In this day and age, purchasing diamond jewelry is not restricted to women alone. Men also team accessories made of diamonds with their outfits.

Fortified with some crucial data about diamond jewelry, you will be able to buy the consummate diamond tennis bracelet at the best cost. There are numerous things to deliberate on when you’re choosing the expressive style of your bracelet. The metal of the bracelet is a big decision, and you’ll be able to decide between yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum and even sterling silver. The diamond cut and color is also an enjoyable and personal decision, whether you favour colourless princess-cut diamonds or round-cut pink stones. Diamond tennis bracelets also come in fun assortments, a few with flowered designs, swirl styles and multi-row fashions. And so, whether it’s for yourself or that exceptional man that you simply adore, purchasing a men’s diamond bracelet is certain be produce those smiles for a long time to come.

Ever wondered where the diamond tennis bracelet started? The diamond tennis bracelet has an interesting history and as a piece of beautiful jewelry it is unparalleled. Let’s take a look at how this beautiful bracelet began and what custom design options are being created today. Is It Just A Diamond Bracelet? Diamond bracelets have been popular for a long very long time. The wrist is an ideal location to display the beauty and sparkle of diamonds, as the movement of the hand helps display the brilliance of light as it plays with the cut of your gemstones. There are various settings and clasps that can be used with a diamond bracelet, and must be considered carefully, as you might have significant value both emotionally if it was a valued gift and also in terms of dollar value. You don’t want to find yourself losing your favorate piece of jewelry because of a poor clasp.

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