Dazzle When You Travel Places With Jewelry Travel Case

July 18th, 2010 by wys

Memorable occasions need jewellery. When you are dressed to the 9s, you want that glint and bling! Whether you are attending a wedding or anniversary party, or a company party you will be needing to look your best. Because we would like to travel to lots of different locations to celebrate, there are a few kinds of jewelry travel cases to insure that you arrive with your valuable jewels untouched. You never would like to pack your jewellery in your discount baggage. It should be packed in your carry on or purse. If you need to wear plenty of earrings, there are jewel rounds to keep the earrings safe and insure they don’t tangle.

These rounds have pockets all around the fringe to hold the earrings, and one massive compartment in the middle for a watch or necklace or bangle. The jewel rounds are made from different fabrics including ultra suede and come in a large spread of colors. Jewelry travel cases like jewel rolls have been about for a long period of time and have become increasingly favored. They fit simply in the convenient safes that are found in most of the better hotel rooms. These jewel rolls can be found in fabric or leather. The leather models are truly stylish and can be carried safely in your purse. The fabric jewel rolls are a little bulkier, but will fit in your light-weight luggage carryon.

Jewel rolls occasionally have 1 or 2 inside zippered pockets and a soft padded bar for rings. Some models will have a silver material lined pocket to keep your silver jewellery sparkling and taint free. Other models will have a clear plastic inside so that you can see at a peek that your jewelry is put away.

Necklace bars are another great feature inside some models of jewel rolls. These keep your chains and necklaces from getting tangled.

Then there are tiny jewelry travel case like jewel rolls available that nearly seem like a little cosmetic case. There are massive versions that have pockets on each side with a hanger to hang-up in a closet. Some of the more modern versions of jewelry travel cases can be gotten in silver and gold leather. These are quite popular and beautiful to go together with you.

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