Dazzle In The Sparkle Of 14K Gold Body Jewelry

July 20th, 2010 by wys

14 K gold body jewelry and belly button rings are more popular womens accessories. These accessories are especially interesting, since gold designates excess and wealth. But before buying any 14K gold body jewelry , make sure you know the way to select and what to look for.

Basically, you’re going to need and have to grasp the jewelry being publicized as gold actually is gold. There are particular paths to know definitely, so let’s inspect what to go hunting for and the way to make the proper choice. Without any question, 18 carat gold is the best choice. With any smaller K content, there’s a fair chance you’ll experience a jewelry allergy or that your body will refuse the piece fully. Typically this occurs as the gold used for body jewelry is an amalgamate that contains other metals as well as gold. Frequently the piece is only plated with gold ; such jewelry shouldn’t ever be employed in piercings regardless of whether the piercing is healed.

If it is not solid gold but only plated, it’s smart to search for a different choice. Most plated body jewelry contains a high share of nickel, which gives you a bigger risk for a jewelry allergy as we’ve debated. It’s vital to check what other metals are present. The lower the carat level, the bigger the content of metals like copper, zinc, and nickel. In reality other metals are almost always used to prepare body jewelry because gold itself is so soft and wants other metals to form jewelry.

18 carat means there’s a seventy five percent gold composition. That is why, when choosing, you need to always go with 18 K. Most astonishingly inexpensive body jewelry is less than 14 carat, so to avoid unpleasant allergies, go with 14 K gold body jewelry to18 K gold jewelry.

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