Dance Charms - Gift Ideas For Young Dancers

May 29th, 2011 by wys

Are you searching the internet for a special gift for a young dancer? The ideal solution may be a surprise to you - charms.

I used to run a dance store and my most popular product was a silver ballet shoe charm on a neck chain. Parents and young dancers alike loved it!

That was long before the current enthusiasm for charms such as Pandora and Troll. So, considering a ballet charm was so popular then, I can only guess how popular it would be now!

Today, you will find a lot of dance charms and charm bracelets. There are pointe shoes (one shoe or two!), ballet dancers in a range of positions, and tutus for ballet dancers. For flamenco lovers, there are flamenco fans and occasionally, flamenco dancers. I’ve seen ballroom and tap dancers, and shoes for tap, tango, Irish and Scottish dancing.

There is less choice in Pandora charms, or even in the copycat makes. Pandora charms must be chunky to allow for the hole through the middle, so it’s challenging to design a delicate charm which reflects the spirit of dancing. I have seen some pointe shoe charms but they are too chunky for my taste!

You will find quite a few Pandora charms engraved with words like “dance” or “I love to dance” - and their Murano glass beads have gorgeous swirling colors which seem to be dancing all by themselves!

You’ll often hear the expression “lucky” charms. I always assumed that meant charms shaped like a four leaf clover or a horseshoe. But I heard a charming story of a woman who received a charm bracelet for her birthday. It didn’t have a horseshoe, but she soon discovered that when she was wearing it, things went well -and when she wasn’t wearing it, went wrong. She didn’t tell anyone else, but it eventually became so obvious, even her son noticed! She explained it by saying that the bracelet was a gift from her children, and was chosen with care and love, so it was imbued with a special quality. Perhaps that’s a good reason to buy a charm bracelet!

By the way, if you’re having trouble choosing between the various charms - it may help to know that I found the ballet slipper pendant was always far more popular than similarly priced ballerina necklaces.

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