Damascus Steel Jewelry: Classic Methods, Cutting-Edge Fashion

August 27th, 2011 by wys

Even though Damascus steel jewelry is very popular right now for rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, it was initially used hundreds of years ago to create both weapons and jewelry. There were many traits that made it desirable such as the innate strength, durability, balance, sharpness and beauty of the material. Some people even thought that it had mystical powers, because it would never lose its edge and could deftly cut really thin items of silk or single strands of hair. Many of the characteristics and properties that made Damascus steel ideal for weaponry in the past are the identical elements that continue to be desirable in modern day jewelry.

The procedure of developing Damascus Steel Rings And Jewelry is rather detailed and involves fusing or welding two types of stainless steel alloys together at tremendously high temperatures to generate a kind of hybrid metal. When the two are fused, they’re put under a hammering machine, which shapes the steel into a uniform, solid bar. In the identical time, the machine also folds distinct patterns into the steel. When the operation is total, the bar is then cut into the desired form including a ring, brooch or other jewelry pieces.

To generate much more depth, the finished jewelry may be placed into a diluted acid bath, which brings out and enhances the contrasting properties of reflectivity of the distinct steels. The result is actually a piece having a combination of darker, flatter tones and lighter, a lot more vibrant tones. The etched patterns seem to resemble rippling water or a wood grain. These styles may be rather basic, with very subtle etchings and similar colors of steel, or really ornate, with complicated styles and contrasting colors. Even though items which are created by the identical jeweler and are portion of a collection will appear somewhat similar, no two will ever be precisely alike.

Damascus steel jewelry is desired not just for its distinctive beauty and appearance, but also for the inherent qualities that make it stronger than normal steel. Furthermore, it’s very effortless to care for and is resistant to corrosion. Damascus steel rings have an ultra-modern appear that appeals to each men and ladies, making them ideal for custom wedding rings. Usually, the profile of the rings is somewhat flat, chunky and square, but the endless array of styles mean there’s some thing for everyone. Items can also be customized to meet any client’s specifications. The wealthy history, skilled craftsmanship, and unparalleled beauty of Damascus steel jewelry translates into remarkable pieces that can last forever.

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