Crystal Wedding Tiaras: What’s inside the Stars? Facts for a Zodiac Wedding under the Sign of Libra

May 23rd, 2010 by wys

What a thrilling time. Selecting a colour scheme and venue for your wedding. Buying a picture perfect gown. Pondering over what your hair style and make-up will look like. When thinking about all these other things, you may have some difficulty deciding on the right wedding theme. If you are looking for a distinguishing style and a wedding that is extraordinary, why not consider a zodiac theme? Astrology possesses an exciting history which travels backwards thousands of years to the very beginnings of human history. If the date you are getting married is somewhere between September 23 and October 22, it will take place under the sign of Libra.

Crystal Wedding Jewellery - The Zodiacal Sign Libra

Libra is the only sign in the zodiac that does not represent a living creature. In Greek mythology, the Libra observed as the scales held by Virgo, the goddess of justice. Libra, also known as the “scales of balance,” goes back in time to the primitive Egyptians and the practices that they linked to the spirit world. Egyptian legends thought that Anubis, the god who guarded the deceased in their crypts, weighed out their souls using scales. In Greek legends, Libra was believed to be emblematic of the golden chariot of the Pluto, god of the underworld and its riches.

Crystal Wedding Jewellery - Further Information About Libra

Libra’s constituent is air and it is controlled by the planet Venus. Venus is symbolic of relationships and social interface. Venus also was the goddess of love and of the arts and was thought to preside over impartiality, symmetry, and harmony. The element air is strongly connected to beliefs, ideas and also academic pursuits. Those who have their weddings under this sign will have great articulation and communicative skills. Libra couples inventive but methodical. They love common-sense problem resolutions. Libra couples are also marked by objectivity and fair-mindedness. Couples such as this also see themselves as equal to each other and always can find ways to get along peacefully with others. In addition, they favour individual relationships in which they meet others as peers. Last of all, Libran couples are able to transcend their ego boundaries and arrive at an agreeable balance.

Crystal Wedding Jewellery - Jewellery to Use in a Wedding Event Under the Sign of Libra

The centrepiece of your bridal jewellery ensemble is your necklace. Based upon how your gown is designed and its style, your necklace may be plain, embellished or a little of both. You could pick a necklace that has a flower decoration. To illustrate, a Swarovski crystal flower pendant hanging down from a graceful silver chain ornamented with a suspended crystal drop will effect a chic appearance on this blessed day. Even another pattern that brides love is the butterfly, a sign of change and festivity. Shouldn’t you select an elegant necklace made of filigree butterflies and flowers embellished with glistening dangling crystals? Another trendy pattern would be branches and blossoms, like a collection of cherry blossoms fixed on silver branches. A mixture of leaves and crystals is also pretty. Lastly, a vine that has interwoven crystal flowers will reflect the light with each movement.

Your Libra wedding date will be full of promise, hope and love. Your jewellery should compliment it.

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