Critical Facts Regarding The Pearl Industry For Anyone Hoping To Purchase Pearls

October 24th, 2010 by wys

Until the 1960s, almost anyone in this country utilized clams on a daily basis. They probably didn’t know it, but numerous buttons were once made from pieces of clam shells. Clam beds inside the big rivers in the southern and eastern United States were commercially harvested for their shells, which were utilized to create pearl buttons. Southern states, especially, have a very long tradition of mussel harvesting and numerous men and women made their living picking, selling, and buying shells for the button industry.

With the advent of plastics and also other man-made materials, the sales of mussel shells dropped dramatically. However, in recent years curiosity about commercially harvesting mussels has grown. A whole new use for mussel shells has come about and the pressure to harvest massive numbers of shells has become strong.

The cultured pearl sector has found out a quick method to create pearls by taking a form of high quality mussel shell and placing it right into a living oyster. Naturally occurring pearls are deformities inside the shell of a clam or oyster. When a bit of foreign matter, such as a grain of sand, gets lodged between the organism’s shell and inner tissues, the oyster covers it with a secretion or nacre known as mother-of-pearl. During the period of numerous many years far more layers are laid about the intruding bit of material, creating a hard, white-colored object, known as a pearl. Occasionally these pearls are spherical, others are differently shaped.

Pearls are valuable mainly because they are rare and demand is high. Cultured pearls are desirable mainly because they can be created relatively fast by taking massive pieces of mussel shells that are the exact same color as mother-of-pearl and adding only a layer or two of nacre. This will likely save up to numerous many years of time, thus more pearls may be produced quicker and cheaper. By utilizing perfectly round pieces of shell, you can get consistently round pearls for a less expensive price so more men and women can afford to buy them.

Although Tahitian pearl jewelry is often in demand, it is also true that Oriental cultures value powdered pearls as a medicinal treatment. Pearls are also utilized by biological supply houses and for some costume jewelry manufacturing.

Sandra Solivagant Samson is a veteran in Tahitian pearl jewelry as well as author of several remarkable e-books.

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